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Sarah Palin: America’s superheroine! Palin for President 2012!












8 Responses to “Sarah Palin: America’s superheroine! Palin for President 2012!”

  1. Awesome!
    She is MY superheroine!

  2. What does a politician have to do before even their staunchest supporters finally have to admit that they are not up to the task of leading a church prayer, much less the United States? The answer eludes many people in the Republican Party and, especially, the Tea Party movement. It seems that some politicians are given a free-pass when it comes to even the most basic knowledge. Take Sarah Palin. If you look at the list of statements that this woman has made over the last 18 months, it is mind boggling that anybody would ever want her as the leader of the free world and chief executive in charge of our highly complex government. Let’s review her history here:

    This is the same woman who told Charlie Gibson of ABC in a nationally televised interview that her foreign policy expertise included the fact that Russia could be seen from an island off the coast of Alaska. This, I might add, is an island that Palin had never once set foot upon. “You never know when ole Mr. Putin is gonna come flyin’ over here…”.

    When asked which periodicals and publications she has been reading to keep up on national and world affairs, Palin told Katie Couric that she reads “them all”. Whenever Palin is baffled by a question she uses her standard “I like ‘em all” answer, and that’s what she did. To this day, we still do not know what Palin reads to keep informed about national issues. Until four years ago, she never even had a passport and had never left the United States.

    Sarah Palin has stated publicly and with great pride that she does not accept the theory of evolution, and that she believes in a literal translation of the Bible. This means that Palin believes mankind walked alongside living dinosaurs and that the world is only 6,000 years old. Of course, when asked which book of the Bible she likes most, she would no doubt say, “I like ‘em all.” Now, certainly, people are free to believe whatever they like, but Palin’s utter rejection of the scientific method and anti-intellectual attitude hardly makes her the ideal leader of a nation of 300 million people.

    When asked by Glenn Beck who her favorite Founding Father was, Palin stumbled with the question, then said– you guessed it– “I like ‘em all.” When pressed by Beck, Palin said she liked George Washington the most, not knowing that Washington was a general and not one of the Founding Fathers. Furthermore, in her stone ignorance, she chose a man who actually favored a strong central government as well as the formation of a national bank. In other words, George Washington stood for everything that Palin says she is against.

    Probably one of Ms. Palin’s most hysterical misstatements occurred during the campaign when she referred to “the great country of Africa”. More recently, she didn’t seem to know why there was a North and South Korea. One has to wonder if she thinks the Berlin Wall is still standing or if she can’t figure out who’s buried in Grant’s Tomb.

    When Palin resigned her position as governor of Alaska 18 months before her term was up, she said in a televised statement that she did it because “most lame duck governors just go on junkets and cost the tax-payers money. I didn’t want to put the good people of Alaska through that.” So she quit. Later, she said that she quit because of all the lawsuits concerning her ethics violations and abuses of power. More recently, she has said she quit because she couldn’t help the American people unless she was freed from the responsibilities of that job. Now. she’s giving speeches for $100,000 a pop.

    During the Tea Party convention, Palin made several insulting remarks about President Obama, one of which accused him of being “a law professor lecturing the American people behind a lecturn using a teleprompter.” Of course, she failed to realize that she was doing precisely the same thing, only she was using the palm of her hand instead of a teleprompter. I suppose she expects the President to memorize all of his speeches, including his State of the Union addresses. In any case, Palin clearly doesn’t think that knowing the law and the Constitution is an asset for a president, nor does she believe that the President of the United States deserves even a modicum of respect. Perhaps a plumber would be better. Or a sportscaster. Or a beauty contestant. Doesn’t matter. Palin likes ‘em all.

    What Palin is most known for is her bald-faced lie about “death panels” in the health care reform bills. Despite the fact that every fact checking organization had debunked that outrageous lie, Palin stuck to her guns. Of course, she would never admit that private insurance companies already utilize de facto death panels by denying coverage to people with pre-existing conditions and canceling the policies of people who become ill. According to Sarah Palin, the insurance companies are more interested in providing decent medical care to their customers than just increasing their profits.

    Palin has referred to President Obama on numerous occasions as a socialist and even a communist, even though the two philosophies are quite different. She refuses to define what she means by “socialist”, no doubt because she doesn’t have the definition written on the palm of her hand. If she did, she would know that none of Obama’s policies are socialistic because Obama has nationalized no businesses and, even in the various rescues of failing corporations, he hasn’t put any government employees into the boardrooms. Those companies needed to be bailed out in order to avoid a greater economic catastrophe. Of course, Palin believes that Obama should have just let the auto companies fail, even though doing so would have caused hundreds of thousands of Americans to lose their jobs and essentially turned over that industry to foreign manufacturers.

    While Palin attacks Obama’s economic policies, leave us not forget that this is the same woman who asked the government for a $230 million earmark to construct a bridge to nowhere. When the press picked up on this chunk of Palin pork, the request was immediately withdrawn.

    Palin and her husband, Todd, were both members of the Alaskan Independence Party, which has favored that state’s secession from the Union. Recently, in Texas to stump for Governor Perry, Palin threw out the “secession” word again to great applause. In any other country, this would be called sedition. In Palin’s case, it’s just gross ignorance and political opportunism.

    In a closed session at the White House, Rahm Emanuel told a group of liberal activists that their idea to air attack ads targeting conservative Democrats who were against the health care reform bill was “f’ing retarded”. Palin, who has inserted her special needs child into the political arena before, got ahold of this remark and demanded that Emanuel immediately resign. Then, when Rush Limbaugh said on national radio that all Democrats are retards, Palin went on FOX News and said Rush was using “satire” to make a point. She defended Limbaugh’s use of the word and his characterization of all Democrats. Actually, both men were saying quite similar things. But, according to Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh should get a pass. This could be called hypocrisy, but I don’t think it is. I think Palin actually believes what she’s saying and is just too dim to understand that there was no difference between what Emanuel and Limbaugh said.

    Sarah Palin is an “empty vessel” and a demagogue. She doesn’t know enough about politics to even be called an ideologue. She never speaks in specifics about any issue and is always on the attack, never offering a single constructive alternative. Why? Because she doesn’t have any. It is far easier to make insinuations, use innuendo, and attack someone with empty-headed sarcasm than it is to develop your own well thought out ideas and articulate them in a comprehensible manner.

    We all get a good laugh about Sarah’s gaffes and absurd statements, but it’s about time to stop laughing. This is a person who is building a political movement on the cult of her personality alone. She is a classic fascist masquerading as a populist who has managed to win the hearts and minds of far too many Americans. Even if she never ran for president, her influence on our political process and election outcomes could do great damage to the country. Elia Kazan, the Academy Award-winning film director, said many years ago that the greatest danger to our democracy would be having person of no ability or intellect elected to high office based solely on their personality and appearance.

  3. Sarah Palin did not say she
    could see Russia from Alaska,
    actually it was Tina Fey portraying
    Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live
    who said that and urban legend has
    claimed Sarah Palin made the remark.

    You are correct about Sarah Palin reading
    words written on her hand,
    22MOON displays the photo,
    eight words.

    Compare that to Obama who can not
    order a cup of coffee without a teleprompter-
    Obama needs more than eight words written
    out for him,
    he needs every word of entire speeches
    spoon fed to him like a child.

    Every President since John F. Kennedy has
    released their birth certificate,
    their high school records,
    their University records,
    Their Law School records,
    and their medical records.

    Obama has not and will not
    release any of these records
    and the mainstream media
    gives him a free pass.

    Talk about an “empty vessel”,
    Obama is a handsome empty vessel
    who can speak well,
    but only with a teleprompter feeding
    him every word.

    Obama is part of the Chicago political machine
    and he and his staff use “The Chicago Way”
    to ram through Socialist policies the American
    people do not want.

    Obama the University Professor does not
    even know how to pronounce the word “Corpsman”.

    Obama once claimed that America has “57 states.”

    Obama will not release his University records
    or his Law School records which is odd for someone
    who is supposed to be so smart,
    you would think he would like to show off
    his great grades.

    His book “Dreams From My Father” was written
    for him by former Weatherman William Ayres.

    (Who wrote Obama’s book links below)

    Did Bill Ayers write Obama’s book
    “Dreams From My Father”? (Part ONE of FIVE)

    Did Bill Ayers write Obama’s book
    “Dreams From My Father”? (Part TWO of FIVE)

    Did Bill Ayers write Obama’s book
    “Dreams From My Father”? (Part THREE of FIVE)

    Did Bill Ayers write Obama’s book “
    Dreams From My Father”? (Part FOUR of FIVE)

    Did Bill Ayers write Obama’s book
    “Dreams From My Father”? Part FIVE of FIVE

    Talk about cult of personality,
    that is exactly how Obama got

    Did Obama talk in specifics
    when he was running for President?

    he spouted “Hope” and “Change”
    and platitudes that meant nothing.

    Obama wins arguments by posing
    “Straw Man Arguments” that he
    always wins.

    (Obama’s “Straw Man Arguments” link below)

    Obama is The Master at winning
    his own Straw Man Arguments

    Just enter OBAMA in the
    22MOON search box in the
    upper right hand corner
    of 22MOON for dozens
    and dozens of stories about
    Obama that will either upset
    you or open your eyes.

    Thank You for your comments John,
    they are always welcome at 22MOON,
    this is a Free Speech Zone.


  4. Word press is a fun outlet…
    but you shouldn’t really cite it
    as your source of information.

    Good sources are usually backed up
    by more than one expert,
    and even so you want to make sure
    the person is informing you of the facts,
    not just their version of what happened.

    Personally, my dislike of sarah palin
    isn’t based off of rumors I’ve heard about her.

    It’s based off of all of the stupid
    and contratdictory things that come
    out of her mouth.

  5. I use thousands of sources
    of information actually –
    enter OBAMA into the search
    box to see some of the stupid
    things that have came out of his mouth.

    Sarah Palin has been called dumb
    for writing 7 words on one hand.

    Obama seems really lost
    without his every thought
    fed to him by a telepromptor.

    Joe Biden is dumb
    as a box of rocks.

    As for WORDPRESS being a bad source
    of information,
    WORDPRESS is just a blank sheet
    of paper,
    just as is every other
    website in the world.

    It is what you write on that cyber paper
    that has any meaning.

    22moon.com exposed the SWINE FLU/H1N!
    Virus hysteria as a media myth March 30th of 2009,
    when all the “Mainstream Media” big money
    websites and television were spreading panic
    about all the people who were going to die.

    I work on WORDPRESS with no money,
    no advertising,
    and no big media contacts.

    22moon.com has been exposing the
    over a year before CLIMATEGATE started
    to uncover the vast network of lies involved

    A cyber piece of paper is just blank,
    what is written on it is what matters.

    And Sarah Palin did not say she could
    see Russia from Alaska,
    Tina Fey said it portraying
    Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live.

    I would love to see a debate between
    Sarah Palin and Barack Obama,
    with neither using a teleprompter.

    Thank You for your comments
    they are always welcome,
    but a check of my sources
    will show I use thousands
    of world wide sources,
    not just WORDPRESS sites,
    or The Huffington Post,
    The Jon Stewart Show and

    Thank You for reading 22MOON.


  6. What I mean is that bloggers
    are not a credible source of information.

    I’m not saying that they or you are all
    uninformed but none of us are experts.

    When I say you should use more than one source
    I mean that you should find several credible sources
    that all say the same thing,
    factually not perspective based.

    I’m sure that there are plenty of people
    who say things that are not true about sarah palin,
    or lie about things that she has said.

    those people do not represent everyone
    who dislikes sarah palin.

    Sarah Palin has proven to be snarky,
    and unknowledgable about things
    that she should know about.

    I know this from listening to her talk.

    So yeah,
    I would say you need to check your sources.

    I can tell right off the bat you haven’t
    been based off of this article.

  7. I agree with you about bloggers,
    they are hardly credible for the most part,
    (including myself).

    I myself often say things “over the top”
    for entertainment value.

    This website never claimed to be fair.

    If you enter OBAMA in the 22moon search box
    you will read stories about Barack from 100’s
    of sources,
    and many of them show a pattern of corruption
    involving him and the “Chicago Machine”
    that spawned him.

    About one percent of them are “blogs”.

    Many of my sources prove
    he is a Socialist,
    a few even claim he is a Communist.

    Even William Ayres recently admitted
    he wrote “Dreams From My Father” for Obama.

    (Enter “Dreams From My Father”
    in the search box for a five part
    story about this.)

    Every President since John F, Kennedy has
    produced their high school records,
    college records,
    law school records,
    medical records and
    birth certificate.

    Why will Obama not reveal these things?

    Why does the Mainstream
    Press not ask for them?

    Why is the American Mainstream Press
    a propaganda machine for Obama
    and the Democratic Party?

    I get very many if not most of my
    news sources from overseas,
    because I no longer trust the
    mainstream American Media.

    Why did the Media lie about
    the H1N1 panic –
    I strongly suspect Big Pharma money.

    Big Pharma made billions off selling
    H1N1 virus vaccine shots.

    Why does the American Mainstream Media
    not cover the CLIMATEGATE scandal?

    Speaking of Global Warming,
    the first Earth Day was created to
    combat GLOBAL COOLING and
    the coming ICE AGE.

    Both TIME and NEWSWEEK covered
    this story and they are hardly bloggers.

    I reprinted these stories or you
    can look them up on the Internet.

    Remember the MAD COW Disease panic?

    The BIRD FLU hysteria?

    What I am saying that the Mainstream Media
    often produces propaganda to manipulate

    People are like a herd of cattle.

    Panic them and they will stampede
    in one direction without taking the
    time to think,
    even if it means running over a cliff.

    Al Gore (who has made over 100 million
    dollars so far on his Climate Change hysteria tour)
    wants people to panic to support his agenda
    without thinking.

    Barack Obama does the same thing.

    (We must pass the the Health care package NOW!)
    (We must pass the Stim. Bill NOW to save Wall Street!)

    About Palin,
    I do agree with you about one thing,
    I no longer think she is ready to be President.

    Your statement about her lack
    of knowledge of things she should
    know is correct.

    I’ve heard her say some snarky things also.

    I do find it shocking that most of the
    media attacked her on a personal level
    in so many personal ways.

    (I know you did not do this –
    you made good points)

    It seems the Mainstream Media
    thinks it is OK to demean women
    as long as they are considered

    Did the National Org. for Women
    or other pro women groups say
    a word about the low blow attacks
    on Palin and her children?

    Remember how the Media treated
    Chelsa Clinton with kid gloves but
    not the Bush daughters?

    (George Bush really made me mad by the way.
    I think he is a closet Socialist who used
    conservatives to get elected.)

    I quit the Republican Party years ago,
    way too much corruption.

    No one should ever take anything
    on 22MOON at face value,
    I want readers to always check
    my facts.

    I am madly over the top
    with my shock headlines
    and crazy photos.

    What I am trying to do is
    shock people out of their brainwashing
    by using shock and comedy to break
    through the “wall” of brainwashing.

    (You may want to enter
    in the Moon search box)

    You have every right to dislike Sarah Palin,
    this is America.

    I do not hate Barack Obama,
    he is a great father and husband
    and he seems quite charming.

    I just think he
    was brainwashed since

    I feel about Obama the
    way Alfred Hitchcock felt
    about the police.

    Hitchcock once said,

    “I don’t hate the police.
    I’m just afraid of them.”

    Your comments are always
    most welcome Moriahbethany,
    you make great well thought out points
    that make people think.

    You make me think.

    Your Palin feelings make
    sense and are valid,
    I fell for her
    “Cult of Personality”
    the same as i did for Barack
    at first.

    You are truly one of the smartest
    and best writers to comment on
    this site and you make people think.

    This is a Free Speech Zone
    and your well spoken opinions
    are always most welcome.

    You write a most awesome website.


    Your writing is first rate.

    Wether we agree or disagree,
    you are a thinker thank goodness,
    something in short supply these days.

    I suspect you are a
    College Professor
    or teacher,
    your writing skills
    scream education.

    Education rocks.

    Your wise words are
    always welcome here
    Moriahbethany –
    you force MOON
    readers to think!

    Thank You for posting and
    Thank You for reading 22MOON.


  8. Interesting blog and posts afterward. I have taken a slightly different tack looking at her political ancestry which may surprise those who think she is simply just a hick. Its at http://www.theoligarchkings.wordpress.com Please feel free to compare.

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