You can see the whole Earth from the Moon!

Obama and Democrats are more afraid of Sarah Palin, Fox Network, and talk radio than Muslim terrorists!


Why is the Obama
White House and the Democratic Party more
in fear of an Alaskan
housewife and a news network than terrorists willing to die for their
cause of world

The answer is simple,
as truth usually is.

The great W.C. Fields
used to say,
“You can’t cheat
an honest man.”

Sarah Palin,
Fox Network
and most of talk radio
(Michael Savage,
Rush Limbaugh,
Glenn Beck,
Hannity) pundits
tell the truth.

Radical terrorist Muslims
lie and deceive to achieve
their goals.

Radical terrorist Muslims
want to take over
the world.

Radical terrorist Muslims
will destroy all in their
path to get
what they want.

Obama and his cronies
lie and deceive to achieve
their goals.

Obama and his cronies
want to take over
the world.

Obama and his cronies
will destroy all in their
path to achieve
their goals.

People like Palin,
do not have
a hidden agenda.

People like Glenn Beck,
Sean Hannity,
Neal Boortz do not
crave power
at any price.

People like
Ann Coulter,
Phil Valintine,
and Fox News do not
pretend to be one thing while they are actually
something else.

Crooked deceitful
people hate and fear
honest people.

Power mad zealots
understand other
power mad zealots.

Truth is simple,
honesty is simple,
honor is simple.

These things can not
be bought or sold,
or require wealth
or power to obtain.

Lies hate truth,
cheaters hate
the honest,
honor must be earned,
not bought or stolen.

Hate hates Love.

Evil hates Good.

Lies are complex
and convoluted.

Truth is simple.

____Rash Manly

_November 17th



6 Responses to “Obama and Democrats are more afraid of Sarah Palin, Fox Network, and talk radio than Muslim terrorists!”

  1. Wow, do you have a problem with your vision?
    Why choose such a large font size?

    That’s funny how you set up
    your straw man question,
    “Why is the Obama White House and the Democratic Party
    more in fear of an Alaskan housewife and a news network
    than terrorists willing to die for their cause
    of world domination?”

    Who’s in fear?

    Palin is amusing;
    I seriously hope she runs for president
    and wins the Republican primary.

    Fear of Faux News?
    only fearful of the morons that result
    to violence because of orders they’ve
    received from their Idol
    Glenn Beck/Bill O’Reilly/Sean Hannity/etc.

    No fear here,
    only embarrassment for my country
    which is full of mindless Faux News watchers.

    Sorry, pal,
    your question presumes too much.

  2. I choose a large font size
    to stand out from the other
    billion web sites who all look
    I usually change the font from story
    to story also to make each story unique.

    Of course i set ups straw man questions,
    I learned that from Emperor Obama.

    If Obama is so smart,
    why does he need a teleprompter to think?

    At least Sarah Palin does not need a teleprompter
    in place of a brain.

    If Sarah Palin is so stupid,
    why is the Left Wing so afraid of her?

    The Left Wing owns almost all the mainstream media,
    yet have their collective panties in a wad over Fox News.

    If Fox is lying about something,
    instead of name calling,
    present the facts and prove them wrong.

    Let us say the Left Wing gets just what it wants –
    which may very well happen.

    Talk Radio vanquished,
    the Internet controlled and censored.

    Border jumpers made legal Americans.

    The cost of health care will go through the roof,
    hence rationing of health care.
    (Socialized medicine works so well in Cuba and the U.K.
    and countries that have it…NOT.
    That is why the rich of those countries travel to the
    U.S. for their health care.)

    The phony Global Warming/Climate Change scam
    gets pushed onto everyone.

    Al Gore is afraid to debate anyone
    about Climate Change…wonder why?

    Higher taxes,
    plus paying other countries our
    wealth to make up for all the years we used to
    much energy producing food
    and money to send them.

    The majority of the Democratic Party today
    is not the Democratic Party of John Kennedy,
    who cut taxes and was strong on defense.

    The Democratic Party of today has been taken
    over by George Soros and communists.

    The Democratic Party of today is mostly
    people who will sell the the profit making
    ability and freedom of their children and
    grandchildren just so they can stay in
    Washington and attend the ‘in crowd’ parties,
    so they can hold their political power.

    The Democratic Party of today will sell the
    freedom of America in exchange for their own power.

    The Republican Party is not much better.

    George Bush spent like a drunken sailor
    and wanted to open the borders.

    Obama and Nancy Pelosi make him look
    like a penny pincher however,
    borrowing money from China or just
    printing it so they can buy votes so they
    can stay in power.

    The Liberal Left gets their news from Jon Stewart,
    angry MSNBC, the lapdog network NBC, the other
    lapdogs CBS and ABC.

    The whiney liberal Left Wing National Public Radio,
    now renamed I forget what, I quit listening to them
    after their lavish worship of Obama during the election.

    The Left Wing claims to be liberal,
    but they will not tolerate any speech
    that disagrees with them.

    When the Left says something,
    it is Free Speech,
    when the Right says something,
    is is labeled Hate Speech.

    Liberals are fascist and want to control
    everyones lives and words.

    Talk about violence,
    did you hear about the black man
    at the town hall meeting who was
    attacked and beaten by white
    Left Wing union SEIU thugs?

    It has been over three months
    since the Liberal Left Brown Shirts,
    also known as SEIU members,
    attacked and beat up black man
    Kenneth Gladney at rep. Russ Carnahan’s
    town hall meeting August 6th, 2009

    One SEIU thug called Mr. Gladney
    a racial slur name then punched
    him in the face.

    Another SEIU thug yelled racial epithets
    at Kenneth as he kicked him in the
    head and back.

    Mr. Gladney was also attacked
    by one other male SEIU member
    and an unidentified woman.

    The three men were clearly SEIU members,
    as they were wearing T-shirts with the SEIU logo.

    Mr. Gladney was admitted to St. John’s
    Mercy Medical Center emergency room,
    where he was treated for his numerous injuries.

    It has been over three months
    and still no charges have been brought
    against the SEIU members.


    Did you know it has been over 90 days
    and no charges have been brought
    against the SEIU criminals?

    Are you aware the mainstream media
    ignored the ACORN story about how
    ACORN wanted to help a pimp and whore
    import 13 year old minority girls into America
    for prostitution?


    Your beloved mainstream media had no
    problem with the sex slavery of minority children.

    Did you know SEIU and ACORN share the same headquarters
    building and are joined at the hip?

    What violence did the Right Wing resort to,
    I missed that story.

    SEIU thugs are the Brown Shirts for the Left Wing,
    remember Hitler’s Brown Shirts?

    Hitler was a Left Winger also, not a Right Winger.

    Obama is a sock puppet for his teleprompter
    and who ever provides his mind feed is the
    real President.

    McCain should have joined the Democratic Party
    years ago,
    the only people in Congress he fought with
    were Republicans.

    I belong to neither party,
    the Republicans are wimps who
    bow down to the Democrats like
    scared children.

    Remember when Liberals used to say,
    “I disagree with you but I defend you’re right to say it.”

    They have not said that in decades I have noticed.

    I get most of my news from overseas,
    the U.S. media is propaganda.

    Universities are run by a vast majority of Left Wing
    professors who want to brainwash their students
    into GroupThink.

    Obama and company form attacks on their
    vast enemy list by reading Saul Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals.

    They are two dumb to formulate their own attack plans.

    You do write well,
    I’m guessing four years university,
    school teacher or professor,
    English professor I think.

    I respect your opinions
    but of course I disagree with them.

    in the search box for more Right Wing rants.

    Enter HUMAN TRAFFICKING for tons on that.

    Look under GAY GAY GAY for gay rights issues.

    Under CHILD RAPE for some Acorn stories.

    Open your mind to news sources besides
    Jon Stewart and the mainstream media,
    a mass brainwashing is taking place.

    You are a smart person,
    i can tell by your writing,
    don’t allow your mind to be brainwashed
    by only Left Wing propaganda.

    Much of this website the Right Wing
    may have a problem with.

    Thank You for stating your opinion Godless American,
    you did it very well, very well written.

    I want all voices on this site,
    not just Right Wing ranting,
    I do enough of that,
    not for effect,
    I really believe what i say.

    And Thank You for reading 22MOON!


  3. Your entire reply is filled with the lies and false hoods spread by the conservative media over that last year. Even things that have been repeatedly debunked. Your in la la land, my friend. There’s no hope for you.

  4. Black man Kenneth Gladney
    was not attacked and beaten by
    white SEIU members –
    you say that story is false and debunked?

    ACORN was not caught time and again
    in videos condoning the sexual slavery
    of minority children,
    ACORN was not caught condoning
    the sexual human trafficking of minority
    children –
    that story was debunked?

    Al Gore does not allow debate about
    climate change where he is involved,
    Al Gore is afraid to debate Lord Monckton –
    that story is debunked?

    Obama needs a teleprompter to think
    because he is nearly helpless without
    it’s mind feed –
    that story is debunked?

    Almost all university Professors are
    Left Wing – that story is debunked?

    George Bush spent like a drunken sailor-
    that story is debunked?

    Feel free to post your sources
    so the MOON readers can make their
    own decisions.

    And how is that Hope and Change
    working out for you?

    I do have hope,
    I think GOD is real.

    And though we disagree,
    your comments are always
    Godless American –
    we still have free speech in
    America –
    the Left Wing does not
    have total control yet.


  5. Obama IS the Muslim Brotherhood.

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