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Fergie’s wardrobe malfunction on X Factor fixed by Cheryl Cole!


FERGIE was forced
to borrow a pair of
shoes from pop star
Cheryl Cole ahead of
a live TV performance
on Sunday –
after realising her
own stilettos didn’t
match her outfit,
WENN reports
November 9th.
The singer was due
to perform with her
Black Eyed Peas bandmates
on The X Factor but found
herself barefoot without
a suitable pair of high heels
to match her gown just
moments before taking
to the stage.
Fortunately Cole,
who sits on the series’
judging panel,
came to her rescue by
providing the guest star
footwear from her own
dressing room.
Fergie later thanked the
Girls Aloud singer for her
generosity, telling fans,
“I had a last-minute crisis
so thank you Cheryl Cole
for letting me borrow
your shoes!”
“This happens a lot of
the time with shows,
my shoes did not
match the dress.”
“She’s a size smaller than
I am so I had to stretch
into them,
so thank you so
much for that!”
“That’s showbiz,
that happens sometimes.”

One Response to “Fergie’s wardrobe malfunction on X Factor fixed by Cheryl Cole!”

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