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Barack Obama Narcissist in Chief! (Part ONE of TWO)


Rage in the
White House

By James Lewis

___October 28th, 2009

American Thinker

___(Part ONE of TWO)

___(Links are in GREEN)

The term “narcissistic rage”
gets 26,000 citations in Google

It is a common feature of extreme
or pathological narcissism.

While psychiatrists often say they
can’t do long-distance diagnosis,
it really isn’t that hard if you have
a lot of information about a person
and can watch how he operates
from day to day.

Intelligence agencies around the
world have psychiatric staffs for
exactly that purpose.



While most people are
pretty hard to predict,
extreme narcissists are
comparatively simple.

They constantly hunger
for ego gratification,
they are immature,
constantly need to demonstrate
their own superiority,
often need endless sexual
conquests (like Bill Clinton),
are manipulative,
constant liars,
are completely cold about the
human beings they harm
(like John Edwards),
and they deal with frustration
by uncontrollable fits of rage.




I think that’s what we saw last
week with the White House
lashing out at Fox News.




According to the

“Speaking privately at the
White House on Monday
with a group of columnists
and commentators,
including Rachel S. Maddow
and Keith Olbermann of
MSNBC and Maureen Dowd,
Frank Rich and Bob Herbert
of The New York Times,

President Obama himself
gave vent to sentiments
about the (Fox) network,
according to people briefed
on the conversation… “

So Obama didn’t even keep
this thing on background.

He allowed himself to be
quoted in his favorite rag,
the New York Times.

Dowd, Maddow, Herbert,
and Rich did their part by
going into attack-dog mode
against conservatives.

They know exactly what
Obama needs and wants,
and to keep in good stead
with this White House,
they feed that hungry ego
with the most outrageous
flattery and imitation.

It is a perfect symbiosis.

Obama is easy to manipulate,
and liberal commentators are
used to demonizing the opposition.

They’ve all been raised
on Rules for Radicals.

Obama’s thin skin is
shared by his coterie.


Team Obama was pushed
over the brink by a growing
list of what it considered outrageous anti-Obama
conduct by Fox that showed
no sign of stopping.

Obama’s advisers say that
they seethed while Fox commentators used their
shows to encourage protests
against Obama’s healthcare proposals last summer.

Team Obama fumed as
Fox personalities tried
to pressure some
controversial Obama
advisers to resign.

White House officials
say that Fox has
continued to stir the pot
against Obama in a
regular pattern —
raising a criticism,
having Republican
congressional leaders
comment on it,
and then using those
comments to keep
the criticism alive.

A break point came
when Fox tried to create
the impression that
angry anti-Obama
protesters at congressional
town hall meetings last
summer signaled that
Obama’s healthcare
proposals were dying,
a story line that other
news organizations
picked up.

White House officials
say this was untrue,
that those proposals
were not dying at all.

Another break point
came when Fox
commentator Chris
Wallace called White
House officials

A senior Obama adviser
tells U.S. News that
White House staffers
“a growing realization”
that the president would
never get a fair shake
from Fox.




Notice the need to have
total obedience from
the whole press.

Fox News is a small
part of the total media,
but they’ve driven the
Obees into a fit.

Of course, every single president
in American history has been
targeted by the media,
and generally much,
much worse than Obama has.
_Obama Officials Against Free Speech by maksim maksimovich.



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