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Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson sittin’ in a tree – K.I.S.S.I.N.G.!

_NM Kristen and Robert by ❀ℓєтιzια❀.

Robert Pattinson
and Kristen Stewart’s
bid to end reports
about their secret
romance has taken a
turn for the worst –
the couple was spotted
kissing outside a
screening of their
Twilight sequel,
WENN reports
October 4th.

The two stars reportedly spent
the night together at Hollywood’s
Chateau Marmont hotel last week –
before breakfasting and attending
a screening of The Twilight Saga:
New Moon nearby.

And that’s when things
started heating up,
according to UsMagazine.com.
A source tells the publication,
“Rob wanted a cigarette so he
went outside with Kristen for
about 15 minutes.
They were hugging,
as Rob was smoking his cigarette,
and then he leaned down and
kissed her on the lips.
He had his arm around her
almost the whole time.”

The new story comes just days
after an upcoming Pattinson
Vanity Fair magazine article,
in which he insisted the two stars
were just “friends”, hit the Internet.

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