You can see the whole Earth from the Moon!

Emperor Obama The Naked Narcissist!



Emperor Obama

has no clothes
but is convinced
he looks
sexy naked!

By Rash Manly

October 5th, 2009

How do you tell an
arrogant egoist that
their wimpy gross bare
butt is hanging out
when their army of
advisors is telling them
they look handsome and
sexy parading around in
their birthday suit?

Telling them loudly
does not help,
the Obama band wagons
are circled around their
Alinsky loving leader,
blocking all sound and
light except for that
which pleases
The Anointed One.

The Wicked Witch
Of The West Wing,
Nancy Pelosi,
is sure her magic can save
the Socialist Emperor
from all harm.

Harry Reid Em’ And Weep
(the poll numbers)
is convinced the dumb
masses of freedom loving
Americans will soon fall
back asleep and the
Velvet Revolution of the
Communist takeover of
America can go ahead
as planned.
The power mad Democrats
in Congress and The House
will remain only too willing
to sell the freedom of their
own grandchildren in
return for thirty pieces of
silver and some
political power.

The Mainstream Media
will continue to lavish praise
on the Naked Narcissist,
giving away the last of their
credibility and honor in
exchange for interviews
and invitations to the
“In-Crowd” parties.

The Hollywood Left
will bow before the
“Rules For Radicals” ruler,
never noticing that their
over budget over rated
movies make ever less
money the more they open
their liberal pie holes.

When you can not tell
the naked man and his
fawning followers to change
into red white and blue
clothing before parading
down Main Street U.S.A.
it leaves you with
but one choice.

Americans must vote
to kick their stinking
rear ends out of
the all American parade!



___________Emperor Obama:




2 Responses to “Emperor Obama The Naked Narcissist!”

  1. How is it our country has been
    the greatest country in the world
    for over 200 years and now Obutthole
    want’s to change it?


    Obutthole is a Commie!

  2. Well said Foxwood,
    a most excellent nickname for Obama!

    Well done!

    I really like your website also!


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