You can see the whole Earth from the Moon!

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta siren of sexy style!



Lady GaGa 23-1



Lady GaGa

giving away


October 29th, 2009



Lady Gaga is giving away

a lock of her hair with

her new album.

The Paparazzi singer

is preparing to release

a deluxe version of

her new album

The Fame Monster

as a special-edition

art book next month

with a number of

bizarre gifts,

including a piece

of her blonde hair,

a personal note from

the songstress and

a jigsaw puzzle.

The collector’s sets

will also be filled

with pictorials,

posters, fanzines,

paper dolls,

3D glasses and a


look at her bizarre life.

As well as all the hits

from the 2008 LP The Fame,

the updated album will

feature eight new tracks,

including Telephone

a duet with Beyonce Knowles.

Gaga is currently rehearsing

hard for The Monster

Ball Tour,

which will coincide with

the updated LP.





She explained:

“I’ve been training for

two hours a day to get

ready for this.

I sing on the treadmill!

I do cardio and weights

on top of my rehearsals.

I want to get my whole

body in prime condition

so I can carry the show.”

The singer –

who is known for her

outrageous fashion choices

and party lifestyle –

also admitted she has tried

hard to look “interesting”

while allowing her to

grow in self confidence.

She explained to Canada’s

Flare magazine:

“Fashion saved

my life.

It was complete


it made me

feel powerful,

ambitious and much

more resilient.

“We all need an image

that screams,

‘I’m an individual!’

I think Jennifer Aniston

is beautiful –

she’s gorgeous –

but I prefer to

look interesting

rather than pretty.”

















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