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Barack Obama the Saul Alinsky ruler! (Part TWO of TWO)







By Kyle-Anne Shiver

January 8th, 2008

American Thinker






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Not just any church,
but a huge black nationalist
church with a pastor,
Rev. Jeremiah Wright,
who unabashedly preaches
a “black” gospel.

ran with a story on Obama
and his church,
“Destiny’s Child,”
which included this excerpt
from one of Rev. Wright’s sermons:

“Fact number one:
We’ve got more black
men in prison than
there are in college,”
he intones.

“Fact number two:
Racism is how this
country was founded
and how this country
is still run!”

“We are deeply involved
in the importing of drugs,
the exporting of guns
and the training of
professional KILLERS. . . .
We believe in white
supremacy and black
inferiority and believe
it more than we believe
in God. . . .

We conducted radiation experiments on our
own people. . . .

We care nothing about
human life if the ends
justify the means!”

The crowd whoops
and amens as Wright
builds to his climax:
Has GOT!
To be SICK!

This doesn’t sound like any
church in which I’ve ever
but perhaps I have
led a sheltered life.

Reverend Wright,
whom Obama called his
spiritual mentor and still
claims is his sounding board,
has taken trips abroad with
none other than Louis Farrakhan.

Louis Farrakhan received
the “Rev. Dr. Jeremiah
A. Wright,Jr. Lifetime
Achievement Trumpeteer”
Award at the 2007 Trumpet
Gala at the the United
Church of Christ.

Wright was even reported
to be a former Muslim.

One might be led to wonder
if this “church” isn’t all it
makes itself out to be.

Among some of the black
nationalist signs hanging
in this church are a list of
admonishments to black
called the “Black Value System,”
and a sort of moral code calling
for the “Disavowal of the Pursuit
of Middleclassness.”

I don’t recall the Ten
Commandments or anything
at all in the Gospel about race,
so this seems a bit strange.
But Obama isn’t starry-eyed
when it comes to protecting
himself from the possibility
of bad press regarding his
church affiliation.

When he was preparing to
announce his campaign for
the Presidency in February,
he called his minister,
Reverend Wright,
the night before and disinvited
him to stand on the podium
in front of all the cameras.

Rather than face questions,
he simply eliminated the target,
a perfect Alinsky action meant
to forestall an enemy reaction.

Hillary should have known
what she was up against when
she read up on how Obama
won his state senate
seat in Illinois.

Obama had returned to Chicago
and practiced civil rights law
for 3 years,
when he spied an opportunity
to run for the state senate.

A longtime,
widely-revered matron of the
civil rights movement named
Alice Palmer had held the seat
for a number of years,
but she announced that she
wanted to run for Congress.

Obama seized the opportunity
and proclaimed his intention
to run for Alice’s open seat.

Alice lost the congressional
race and decided that she wanted
to hang onto that hard-won state
senate seat.

Most of the community leaders
tried to persuade Obama to
withdraw and wait his turn;
he was a newcomer after all.
Instead Obama performed his
first real act of political jujitsu.

He sent his aides to the
courthouse to carefully examine
all of Alice Palmer’s signatures
to see if enough could be
disallowed to knock her off the
ballot altogether.

And indeed,
some of Alice’s signatures
were fake.

The aides also found enough
other fake signatures on
opponents’ ballot initiatives
to knock them off the ballot
as well.

By the time Barack Obama
walked handily into his state
senate seat,
everyone there knew him as
“the man who knocked off
Alice Palmer.”

Quite a feat indeed
for the newcomer,
the young whippersnapper
with the odd name.

Perhaps Hillary will win some
states and stay in the game
a while longer,
but I fear this knight
with his adoring,
fawning followers is just too
slick for her and ole Bill,
and he seems to know how
to play Alinsky ends-and-means
hardball without actually
breaking the law.

Kyle-Anne Shiver
is a frequent contributor
to American Thinker.
She welcomes your comments at





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