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Barack Obama the Saul Alinsky ruler! (Part ONE of TWO)








By Kyle-Anne Shiver

January 8th, 2008

American Thinker






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If I were the least bit prone

to gratuitous sympathy,

I would be tempted now to

feel quite sorry for

Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Poor, poor woman.

She was quite nearly brought

to all-out tears yesterday in

New Hampshire,

as she soliloquized over the sad

state of her drooping campaign

and how completely personal

this is for her.

Barack Obama seems to have
effortlessly achieved voter
adoration, fresher, younger,
more at ease within his own skin
than she will ever be.

He would appear to be as much
a natural as her own Bill.

It may appear to a great many
observers that Barrack Obama
is just one incredibly audacious,
even lucky,
albeit frighteningly
charismatic dude.

These personal qualities are not
the sole reason he is where he is,
and I suspect the wily Mrs. Clinton
knows this full well.

I suspect it must bother her that
Obama also appears to have
mastered the playbook used by
the legendary amoral guru of
left wing activism,
Saul Alinksy.

Hillary has met not only her
match in Alinsky tactics,
she has met the master of bloodless
socialist revolution,
in my opinion.

Alinsky Lessons

Barack Obama had just graduated
from Columbia and was looking
for a job.

Some white leftists were looking
for someone who could recruit
in a black neighborhood in the
south side of Chicago.

Obama answered a help-wanted
ad for a position as a community
organizer for the Developing
Communities Project (DCP) of
the Calumet Community Religious
Conference (CCRC) in Chicago.

Obama was 24 years old,
very accustomed to a
vagabond existence, and
according to his memoir,
searching for a genuine
African-American community.
Both the CCRC and the DCP
were built on the Alinsky model
of community agitation,
wherein paid organizers
learned how to
“rub raw the sores of discontent,”
in Alinsky’s words.

One of Obama’s early mentors
in the Alinsky method was
Mike Kruglik,
who had this to say to an
of The New Republic,
about Obama:

“He was a natural,
the undisputed master
of agitation,
who could engage a room
full of recruiting targets
in a rapid-fire Socratic
nudging them to admit
that they were not living
up to their own standards.

As with the panhandler,
he could be aggressive
and confrontational.

With probing,
sometimes personal
he would pinpoint the
source of pain in their lives,
tearing down their egos
just enough before dangling
a carrot of hope that they
could make things better.”

The agitator’s job,
according to Alinsky,
is first to bring folks to the
“realization” that they are
indeed miserable,
that their misery is the fault
of unresponsive governments
or greedy corporations,
then help them to bond together
to demand what they deserve,
and to make such an almighty
stink that the dastardly
governments and corporations
will see imminent “self-interest”
in granting whatever it is that
will cause the harassment
to cease.
In these methods,
euphemistically labeled
“community organizing,”
Obama had a four-year education,
which he often says was the
best education he ever got

Is it any wonder, then,
that Obama’s Alinsky Jujitsu
is making mincemeat of the
woman who merely interviewed
Alinsky, wrote about him,
and spent the next 30 years
in corporate law and in the lap
of taxpayer-funded luxury
in government mansions?
Obama Not
Like His Followers

Alinsky considered himself
a realist above all,
the ultimate pragmatist.

As a confirmed atheist,
Alinsky believed that the here
and now is all there is, and
therefore had no qualms about
assorted versions of morality
in the pursuit of worldly power.

He didn’t coddle his radical
acolytes or encourage their
bourgeois distinctions between
good and evil when it came to
transferring power from the
Haves to the Have Nots.

Alinsky saw the already formed
church communities as being
the perfect springboards for
agitation and creating bonds
for demanding goods and services.

When Obama first undertook
his agitating work in Chicago’s
South Side poor neighborhoods,
he was un-churched.

Yet his office was in a Church
and most of the folks he needed
to agitate and organize were
Church people —
pastors and congregants —
who took their churches and
their church-going very seriously.

this became a problem for
the young agnostic,
who had been exposed to very
little religion in his life.

Again and again,
he was asked by pastors
and church ladies,
“Where do you go to Church,
young man?”

It was a question he
dodged for a while,
but finally he relented
and joined a church.



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