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Desiree Jennings flu vaccine shot horror story!



______Desiree CheerleadingDesiree



a bizarre reaction to the

swine flu jab which means

she can only walk



The U.K. Sun

reports October 23rd.


Desiree Jennings, 25,

was struck down by a

one-in-a-million condition

triggered by the flu

shot vaccine which has left

her virtually paralyzed.

When standing still or sitting,

the stunning brunette is

overcome by crippling muscle

spasms which stop her

walking or talking properly.

She is only able to take a

few steps in painful twisting,

jerking movements before


But bafflingly,

she is able to stroll

backwards perfectly normally –

and when she RUNS,

all her symptoms disappear.




Doctors have diagnosed her

with rare neurological

condition dystonia,

There is no cure,

but the spasms can be

treated with botox,

which “freezes”

muscle movements.

Pretty American Desiree,

who was training to be a

professional cheerleader

for the NFL’s Washington


came down with the

devastating symptoms

ten days after having the

shot on August 23.

Her heartbreaking story

has shocked the US –

and a charity founded by

madcap movie star Jim Carrey

has offered her support.

Desiree, of Ashburn,

Virginia, said:

“This has ruined my life.

Running is all I

have left now.”

Doctors have insisted her

plight should not discourage

people from taking vaccines.




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and the Big

Pharm Conspiracy!

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9 Responses to “Desiree Jennings flu vaccine shot horror story!”

  1. she did not recieve the H1N1 vaccine…
    she received the SEASONAL flu shot.

  2. This was NOT the H1N1 flu shot,
    as it was dated in August and the shot in
    the US wasnt available then.

    How about get your facts
    straight before publishing bullshit!

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  4. i think she is faking because no shot
    will be able to do that to somebody
    who was fine and healthy….
    she probably already had some medical problems

  5. My name is Annette Wyler.

    I am the mother of Desiree Jennings.

    Unknown to the public is the
    illness of my youngest daughter,

    In the fall of 2006,
    a previously healthy child developed
    an auto-immune disorder.

    Two hospitals could not diagnose her illness.

    Her medical team comprised
    of a juvenile orthopedic surgeon,
    an infectious disease expert,
    a rheumotoid arthritis specialist,
    and two pediatricians never once asked
    if she had been recently vaccinated.

    She received seven vaccines as required
    by the CDC for entering into kindergarten
    just prior to her illness.

    Last week I spoke with her pediatrician
    and was told that he could not tell me
    with any kind of certainty if any of those vaccines
    contained Mercury/Thimerisol.

    I have five children,
    two have had life threatening illnesses
    after the injections,
    three did not have any reactions.

    Please don’t assume that these injections are SAFE.

    Why haven’t the Obama girls
    been given the H1N1????

  6. i am so sorry to heart
    about the medical problems
    of your daughters Ms. Wyler.

    The entire H1N1 hysteria scare
    looks to me like a manufactured
    crisis to sell flu vaccines to make money
    for BIG PHARM and to help push
    OBAMACARE through Congress.

    I just added all the stories about
    H1N1 and the conspiracy to the
    end of the story above.

    I pray for the health
    of your entire family Ms. Wyler,
    THANK YOU for informing the


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  8. You know what the scariest part is….

    There’s some balding, lab coat monster,
    who can’t get a date sitting inside Lab 257
    (this place exists by the way)
    who probably figured out how
    to weaponize the vaccine.

    Since then,
    after another 300 million,
    they’ve probably figured out how to
    turn it into an aerosol weapon and
    are now testing it somewhere….
    in Africa, Indonesia, or Central America.

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