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White House pushing the H1N1 panic button to sell socialized medicine!











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Swine Flu

By Sharyl Atkisson

October 21st, 2009


If you’ve been diagnosed
“probable” or “presumed”
in recent months,
you may be surprised
to know this:
odds are you didn’t
have H1N1 flu.


In fact, you probably


didn’t have flu at all.

That’s according to
state-by-state test results
obtained in a three-month-long
CBS News investigation.

The ramifications of
this finding are important.

According to the Center
for Disease Control,
and Britain’s National
Health Service,
once you have H1N1 flu,
you’re immune from future
outbreaks of the same virus.

Those who think they’ve
had H1N1 flu — but haven’t —
might mistakenly presume
they’re immune.

As a result,
they might skip taking a
vaccine that could help them,
and expose themselves to
others with H1N1 flu under
the mistaken belief they
won’t catch it.

Parents might not keep sick
children home from school,
mistakenly believing they’ve
already had H1N1 flu.


Why the uncertainty about


who has and who hasn’t
had H1N1 flu?


In late July,


the CDC abruptly advised states
to stop testing for H1N1 flu,
and stopped counting
individual cases.

The rationale given for the CDC
guidance to forego testing and
tracking individual cases was:
why waste resources testing
for H1N1 flu when the
government has already
confirmed there’s an epidemic?

Some public health officials
privately disagreed with the
decision to stop testing and
telling CBS News that continued
tracking of this new and possibly
changing virus was important
because H1N1 has a different
affects younger people more
than seasonal flu and has been
shown to have a higher case
fatality rate than other
flu virus strains.


CBS News learned that the


decision to stop counting
H1N1 flu cases was made so
hastily that states weren’t
given the opportunity to
provide input.

Instead, on July 24,
the Council for State and
Territorial Epidemiologists,
issued the following notice
to state public health officials
on behalf of the CDC:


“Attached are the Q&As that


will be posted on the CDC
website tomorrow explaining
why CDC is no longer reporting
case counts for novel H1N1.

CDC would have liked to have
run these by you for input
but unfortunately there was
not enough time before these
needed to be posted.”


On Aug. 4,


CBS News asked the CDC for
e-mail communications to states
and other documents regarding
the guidance and its rationale.

When CDC did not provide
us with the documents,
such as state-by-state numbers
prior to halting testing and
we filed a Freedom of Information
request with the Department of
Health and Human Services (HHS).

More than two months later,
We asked all 50 states for
their statistics on state
lab-confirmed H1N1 prior to
the halt of individual testing
and counting in July.

The results reveal a pattern
that surprised a number of
health care professionals
we consulted.

The vast majority of cases
were negative for H1N1 as
well as seasonal flu,
despite the fact that many
states were specifically testing
patients deemed to be most
likely to have H1N1 flu,
based on symptoms
and risk factors,
such as travel to Mexico.

_____the story
_behind the story!
__Swine Flu panic
__sells newspapers
__and media.

__H1N1 panic
__makes big money
__for BIG PHARM.

__Swine Flu panic
__pushes Obama’s _socialized medicine.
swine flu copy
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