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Adam Lambert studio session with Lady GaGa!

Adam Lambert
Confirms Studio
Session With
Lady GaGa,
Says She
“Just Gets It”

October ,20th, 2009


Yesterday was a day
of good news for
Adam Lambert fans.

The most glamorous star
this side of pop music
forthcoming debut album
(For Your Entertainment)
and he also confirmed the
existence and a few details
of a long rumored collaboration
with his glamazon
female counterpart
Lady GaGa.
“Yes it’s true:
I spent yesterday in the
studio with the insanely
talented and creative
Lady GaGa
recording a song that
she wrote,”
he tweeted.
“I love her.”
Sadly, he squashed the
rumors of an ultra sweet duet.

He continued:
“Gaga wrote the song a
while ago and she thought
it would be a good fit for me.
It’s a solo track.

I feel so honored
and lucky to be asked.”
But no need to paint on
permanent sad faces.

Fans thought the two stars
were destined to collaborate
and they were right.

Judging by Adam’s tweets,
the pair meshed extremely
well while in the studio
together, so a duet could
be in the stars.

“GaGa just gets it,
ya know?
he said.

Adam’s album is due
in stores on November 23.
the sexiest man in the world <333 by H.A n k ♥.

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