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Four year old Dong Dong of China is a drinker and heavy smoker 酒 / 烟 鬼 . May have future in Hollywood.








at four-year

old smoker

September 30th, 2009


A Chinese doctor

has spoken of his shock

to discover that a

four-year-old boy is

already a heavy smoker.

Dong Dong,

of Banqiao village,

near Feidong town in eastern

China’s Anhui province,

has reportedly been smoking

since he was just two.

His family,

who run a grocery store,

say they have been unable

to stop him from stealing


reports the Jianghuai

Morning Post.




Doctor Zhang Gong,

from Anhui Provincial

Children’s Hospital,

said it was shocking to

see such a young child

embrace such a

dangerous habit.

“From the way the boy

smokes and his posture,

he looks to have had a long

history of smoking even

though he is so young,”

he said.

Dong lives with

his grandparents,

who run the shop,

because his parents

are migrant workers

in another city.




They say he started

smoking by mimicking


“When he needs cigarettes,

he just takes them from the

house or steals a pack from

the store.

We just can’t seem

to stop him,”

said Dong’s grandmother.

They say Dong,

who reportedly

also drinks alcohol,

learned to walk and talk

later than other children

of the same age

in the village.








advises that

adults do not

let their four

year old kids

steal alcohol

or cigarettes



is wrong.

You adults

should be

paying for

that stuff,

4 year olds

do not have





__dong dong

_at age seven



__dong dong

____at age






9 Responses to “Four year old Dong Dong of China is a drinker and heavy smoker 酒 / 烟 鬼 . May have future in Hollywood.”

  1. Tell me..this is a bad joke

    Who told and teach him at that
    so early age to have this sinister habits?……….
    …Obviously from their parents….

    What he really need is…
    a lots of good smack on his bum…
    this is completely insane…

    not something that in in Europe
    would ever happen…not at this age…
    the boy really need seriusly help…..
    I feel so sorry for this little boy…
    He’s like,
    crying for help………

  2. I agree with you Mother of two kids,
    it is so very sad!

    How could any adult see a child
    harm it’s self this way,
    one would not let a child walk into traffic
    or off a cliff,
    yet to stand by and let a four year old smoke –
    I am shocked at the adults who allow this
    to continue!!!


    Great post, Mother of two kids!

  3. thank heavans i have found some people who agree it is so wrong for this 4 year old to smoke.

    i whent onto another site and the comments on there were discusting…
    i meen,they were saying it was cool as and he loook like a cool ass pimp…

    the moronic people we have in our society baffles me it really does,the child does NOT look cool,he is NOT great for smoking,he will be lucky if he lives to see his 6th bday if they keep letting him smoke.

    there is no reason for the child to be smoking and the grandparents should have done something sooner about this!!!!

  4. Well said,
    At Last Some Intelligent Comments!!!

    I agree with you %100 percent!

    Check the front page of 22MOON.com
    right now,
    minutes ago I found a VIDEO
    of a two year old boy in China who is a
    pack a day smoker!!!

    Link on the story to the video.

    The adults thing it is so funny –
    they make me SICK!

    Poor kid!

    THANK YOU for that post and


  5. this is unbelivable
    i thought it was a joke a really sick 1 but still…..

    how can any1 let a 4 year old smoke
    its the parents/grandparents job 2 look out
    4 this child n there not he’ll never reach
    10 he’ll b dead if thay let this carry on..

    its a sorry sad world we live in
    if this is the kinda thing goin on…
    sum people should never b parents…..

    im apalled n horrified by this.

  6. Great comment Kooky –

    Today I found a video from China
    of a two year old smoker – YIKE!!!

    The story, his photo, and a four minute something
    video of him smoking are on page one of 22MOON.com
    now –
    the idiot adults around him are laughing like
    it is all harmless fun – A TWO YEAR OLD SMOKING!!!

    What kind of idiots would condone this?

    Great comment Kooky,
    Thank You for posting it and
    Thank You for reading 22MOON!


  7. Thanks for the video Mary!

    I hate the music in Olive Garden restaurants –
    it is like so Italian,

    (Though i am a giant Dean Martin
    and Frank S. fan,

    Even Italy is not as Italian as Olive Garden!

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