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Barack Obama: Smoke, mirrors, and a teleprompter! (Part FOUR of FOUR)



By Mark Butterworth

September 29th, 2009

The American Thinker


__Part FOUR of FOUR

_(Links are in GREEN)


He loves to repeat his life
story in hopes of inspiring
others how he was abandoned
by his father at the age of
two and managed to become
President of the United States.

Which is no mean achievement.

the facts are that
after his birth,
his mother never lived
with Barack Sr. again.

his mother moved with
their newborn baby a mere
to Seattle to go to school there.

Barack never knew
his father at all.
Not even as an
infant or toddler.

Granted that his story of
abandonment at age two
is sad enough that it hardly
needs embellishment,
we see a crumb of pathos
in that additional,
fictional amount of
time that says,
“I did know my dad a little
for a tiny little while.”

Kind of like,
“we at least had Hawaii
for a brief time together.”

But he didn’t even have that.

So here we have Barack —
raised by whites,
protected and privileged
by whites,
guided by whites,
funded by whites,
managed by whites,
and finally,
elected by whites.

And someone who has
turned all his inner rage
into a diatribe against the
society of whites and
its free markets,
and beliefs.

And we have Michelle,
affirmed by whites,
promoted by whites,
enriched by whites,
and angry that all
her success came,
not from her own community,
but as spoils from condescending
liberal guilt and noblesse oblige
to less brilliant “coloreds”
such as herself.

Think of what they owe
Bill Ayers and the trust
they’ve placed in him.

He could spill the beans of
what he’s done for them
at any time,
but he won’t.

Obama is his
Manchurian Candidate,
his Trojan horse,
his Quisling for Marxism
and the ruin of white America.

But Obama can’t destroy
America anymore than Wilson,
FDR, Jimmy Carter could.

He can damage it,
but never transform it,
which means Obama fails,
retires to private life
like Jimmy Carter.

He can certainly enrich
himself as an ex-President
as Bill Clinton has done,
but underneath it all there
lingers the sub-conscious
knowledge for he and
Michelle that it all began
with a lie,
unearned wealth,
and white privilege.

This is history being weird.



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