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Did Bill Ayers write Obama’s book “Dreams From My Father”? (Part ONE of FIVE)


Who Wrote
“Dreams From
My Father” ?

by Jack Cashill

October 2008

Part ONE of FIVE


Prior to 1990,
when Barack Obama contracted
to write Dreams From My Father,
he had written very
close to nothing.
Then, five years later,
this untested 33 year-old produced
what Time Magazine has called —
with a straight face –
“the best-written memoir ever
produced by an
American politician.”

The public is asked
to believe Obama wrote
Dreams From My Father
on his own,
almost as though he were
some sort of literary idiot savant.

I do not buy this
canard for a minute,
not at all.

Writing is as much a craft as,
say, golf.
To put this in perspective,
imagine if a friend played a few
rounds in the high 90s and then
a few years later,
without further practice,
made the PGA Tour.

It doesn’t happen.

And yet,
given the biases of the
literary establishment,
no reviewer of note has so
much as questioned Obama’s
role in the writing,
then or now.

As the New York Times gushed,
Obama was
that rare politician who
can write . . .
and write movingly and
genuinely about himself.”
These accolades matter all
the more because Obama has
built his political persona around
his presumably superior intellect,
Dreams being exhibit A.

Shy of a confession
by those involved,
I will not be able to prove
conclusively that Obama did
not write this book.

As shall be seen,
there are only two
real possibilities:
one is that Obama experienced
a near miraculous turnaround
in his literary abilities;
the second is that he had
major editorial help, up to
and including a ghostwriter.

The weight of the evidence
overwhelming favors the latter
conclusion and strongly suggests
who that ghostwriter is.

In that this remains something
of a work in progress,
I am willing to test my hypothesis
against any standard of proof
and appreciate any and
all good leads.

In my career in
advertising and publishing,
I have reviewed the portfolios
of a thousand professional writers,
all of them crowded with
writing samples,
but only a handful of these
writers would have been capable
of having a written a book as
stylish as Dreams.

I have also written a book on
intellectual fraud,
and examined any number of
bogus biographies that excited
the literary left to the point
of complicity,

Edward Said’s and Rigoberta
Menchu’s prominent among
Menchu winning a Nobel Prize
for hers.

Obama’s ascent seems to
follow a century-old pattern.

Tracing Obama’s literary ascent
is complicated by what
Politico.com calls a
”scant paper trail.”

That trail begins at Occidental
College whose literary magazine
published two of Obama’s
poems —
“Pop” and “Underground” —
in 1981.

Obama calls it some
“very bad poetry,”
and he does not
sell himself short.

Under water grottos, caverns

Filled with apes

That eat figs.

Stepping on the figs

That the apes

Eat, they crunch.

The apes howl, bare

Their fangs, dance . . .

It would be another decade
before Obama had anything
in print and this an edited,
unsigned student case comment
in the Harvard Law Review
unearthed by Politico.


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