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Posh Beck, get thee to an eatery!






For Posh

September 25th, 2009


A new internet game

has been launched in

which players throw

food at a stick thin

Victoria Beckham.

Nosh for Posh

involves hurling burgers,

fruit, vegetables and sushi

at a moving waif-like target

modeled on the

former Spice Girl.

Gamers are greeted

with a picture of David

Beckham’s wife pleading:

“Help me!!!

I need to put on weight!”

The game gives players

30 seconds to try and feed

her as much food as possible

as she pops up at different

windows at her home.

The score appears

in a corner of the screen

as Mrs Beckham gets ever

more elusive as the

level increases.




There have been fears

for the 35-year-old’s health

after pictures of her at

recent London Fashion

Week shows.

Health experts said the

mum-of-three must have

been either over-exercising

or failing to eat enough.

The game’s creator

Nicolas Jacquart,

of north London-based

firm Blouzar, said:

“We wanted to poke fun

at Victoria Beckham’s

latest Size Zero look.

“Victoria Beckham

is a style icon but she

looks as if she needs to

put on weight.

“The game is proving┬áto

be a big hit with our players,

who are enjoying pelting

her with fast food and

healthier options like sushi.”









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