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The Barack Obama Show on all channels all the time! (Part ONE of THREE)






The Shark

By Stuart Schwartz

September 13th, 2009

The American Thinker


(Part ONE of THREE)

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Barack Obama has
jumped the shark.

This past week was when
the forty-fourth president
of the United States tugged
on his leather jacket,
strapped on his water skis,
roared off behind a motorboat
and fearlessly jumped
over a live shark.

The term “jump the shark”
comes from a late seventies
Happy Days episode when
the series,
desperately trying to
stop its ratings slide,
had the character Fonzie,
in his trademark leather jacket,
water ski over a shark
during a visit to Hollywood.

Since then,
a show or movie series
that tries increasingly more
desperate moves as its audience
disappears is said to have
“jumped the shark.”

Desperation is the
hallmark of such productions,
and desperation has become
the underlying theme of what
leftist stalwarts like the
Guardian of London and
The Daily Show admiringly call
“The Barack Obama Show.”

Lee Cary of American Thinker
puts it bluntly:
“gift has stopped giving.”

Happy Days continued its decline
for another seven seasons,
its pleasant characters and
respect for ordinary people
making up,
in part,
for increasingly thin
storylines and lack of energy.

But the Democrat-led
Congress is no Happy Days,
and Barack Obama
is no Fonzie,
the caring Henry Winkler
character whose no-nonsense
patriotism and good guy
persona kept the show afloat
while slowing its slide.

In classic
jump-the-shark fashion,
an administration built on
managed television appearances
is now providing the viewing
public with increasingly bizarre
(see the “Muslims Rule!”
strange new characters
(departed truther Van Jones,
Ezekiel “Dr. Death” Emanuel),
and breathtaking disconnects
(or, as Joe Wilson put it,

The audience
continues to tune out.

A recent Rasmussen poll
shows that 26% more voters
strongly disapprove than
approve of the president’s

At the same time,
the president’s primetime
television audiences have
declined by almost 40%.

This week the
“The Barack Obama Show”
tried to end its ratings slide
with a classic jump-the-shark
the Blossom maneuver.

The nineties situation comedy
earned a  place in the viewer
hall of disdain by devoting
nearly half of its four-year
run to special episodes designed
to generate controversy in
hopes of diverting attention
from increasingly unpopular
narratives and cast.

Television critics named
this desperate jump-the-shark


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