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Socialist Hugo Chavez kissing up to Socialist Barack Obama!







says hopes

can work

with Obama

By Mike Collett-White

and Cindy Martin

September 7th, 2009


Venezuelan President

Hugo Chavez,

a fierce critic of U.S. foreign

policy who once called

George W. Bush “the devil,”

said on Monday he hoped

to be able to work

more closely with

President Barack Obama.

The leftist 55-year-old leader

added in an interview in Italy

that despite the global economic

crisis and signs of a slowdown

in growth in Venezuela,

he did not expect his country

to fall into recession.

Chavez was in Venice

for the world premiere of

“South of the Border,”

director Oliver Stone’s

sympathetic portrait of a

leader he says has championed

the poor and who has been

unfairly demonized by

the U.S. media.




“I have no reason

to call him (Obama)

the devil,

and I hope that

I am right,”

Chavez told reporters

in Venice.




“With Obama

we can talk,

we are almost from

the same generation,

one can’t deny that

Obama is different

(from Bush).

He’s intelligent,

he has good intentions

and we have

to help him.”




Stone’s documentary argues

that the economy has grown

under Chavez’s rule and poverty

levels have fallen sharply,

all without the help of bailout

loans from foreign lenders.

Asked in an interview with

Reuters whether the fact that

Venezuela’s economy shrank

for the first time in more than

five years during the second

quarter of 2009 could mean

austerity measures ahead,

Chavez replied:

“There is no recession

in Venezuela.

There has been a slight

slowdown in growth but

that is something logical

because of the great

worldwide recession

in capitalism.”

“We have taken some

steps but unemployment

continues to fall and

production continues

to rise.

Venezuela has been

affected by the crisis

but has not and will

not go into recession,”

added the president,

who sat next to Stone.




Chavez also said his

democratic credentials

remained intact despite

concerns over moves to

crack down on the independent

media and political opposition.




Thousands of people took

to the streets of Caracas over

the weekend to voice their

opposition to the president,

who has been in power for

a decade and says he needs

another 10 years to pursue

his socialist reforms.




“In Venezuela,

no television channel

has been closed despite

the fact that in many

cases the television

channels supported

a coup d’etat,”

he said.

“Noam Chomsky …

was asked in an interview

what would happen if

Fox News or CNN had

supported a coup

against a president.

“Chomsky replied that

not only would those

channels have been closed,

but their owners would

have been sent

to the electric chair.”

“I’m entirely dedicated

to building a real democratic

model in Venezuela.”

“As Abraham Lincoln said,

what is democracy?

It is not the system by which

a rich minority exploits

the people.

It is government by the

people and for the people.”




Stone’s film includes clips

of U.S. news channels casting

Chavez as a threat akin to

that posed by al Qaeda.

“The caricature compares

me to Hitler and Mussolini,

that is just laughable,”

he said.

“It shows a lack of respect

to the intelligence of the

human being and of society.”



(Additional reporting

by Daniel Flynn in Rome;

Editing by Jon Hemming)







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___give us

_a smooch!”












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