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Emperor Obama Brainwashing The Dumb Masses! (Part TWO of TWO)



By Ed Lasky

September 6th, 2009

American Thinker

(Part TWO of TWO)

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Ayers had his reasons to praise
Hugo Chavez and to encourage
Chavez in his efforts.

Perhaps Ayers knew that
Chavez next step in consolidating
his dictatorship would be to
seek to control schools in
which he is now doing.

At the same time,
he gives us insight into the
views of the aforementioned
Antonio Gramsci.
Antonio Gramsci

‘Catch them young’

Chavez is taking
radical steps to
“reshape the Venezuelan
education system”,
declares a recent
Economist magazine article.

Newly emboldened by
his success at gutting the
opposition through
foul means,
he is now targeting children.

The revolution has now
come to grade school;
as the Economist describes,
“seeks to catch them young”.

He is using a
“hastily passed education law”
“part of the  president’s plan
to control all aspects of
Venezuelan society”.

The text of the article goes on to describe Chavez’s plan to reeducate the young with his own brand of radicalism:

Schools will come under the supervision of “communal councils”, indistinguishable in most places from cells of the ruling socialist party. Central government will run almost everything else, including university entrance and membership of the teaching profession.

Couched in vague terms, the law acquires coherence when seen against the president’s professed intention to establish revolutionary hegemony over Venezuelan society. In a 2007 campaign on a referendum on constitutional change, Mr Chávez lectured a bemused public on the writings of Antonio Gramsci, an Italian communist who died in 1937. In essence, Gramsci said that to eliminate the bourgeois state one must seize the institutions that reproduce the dominant class’s thought-patterns.

The three most important of these institutions, the president noted, were the church, the education system and the mass media. Among the iniquitous doctrines with which they poisoned the minds of the masses, he argued, were representative democracy, the division of state powers and alternating government.

Who was Gramsci?

He was a leader of the
Communist party of Italy
who called upon “intellectuals”
to produce hegemony over
society through control
of education;

he viewed schools as an
apparatus that radicals can
use to radicalize the young
and turn them into communists.

He had a long-term approach,
realizing that it may take years
of a
“long march through institutions”
to train a proper Communist.




Americans versed in
Obama Studies may
recognize the name
of Gramsci.

He has inspired not just
the tyrant of Caracas but
also inspires the man
in the Oval Office.

Herbert London,
president of the highly
regarded think-tank,
the Hudson Institute,
is among those perceptive
thinkers who believe Gramsci
has an outsized influence
on Barack Obama.

London has called Gramsci
“Obama’s Ideological Father”.

London presciently wrote
months ago that the
“progeny of Gramsci are
alive and well and now
reside in the White House”
and that “Gramsci’s DNA
is in their bloodstream”.

A man who advocated
taking advantage of vulnerable
children to bring about
communism is Obama’s
ideological father.

Now we may know
why not just Chavez,
but Barack Obama,
is seeking to enroll the young
to propel their radical agendas.

Obama may very well
envy the caudillo-like powers
of Hugo Chavez;

not bogged down with
pesky constitutional issues
or nettlesome parents.

Maybe now we can better
appreciate why our President
has a rare smile and embrace
for Hugo Chavez.

They may not be blood brothers,
but they may very well be
ideological ones.


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