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Emperor Obama Liar Liar Pants On Fire! (Part FOUR of FOUR)


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of Lies

By John Griffing

September 1st, 2009

American Thinker



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Obama makes outrageous
claims that his healthcare
reform will reduce the deficit
and rein in healthcare spending,
but the CBO says just
the opposite.

How can the present
healthcare crisis,
supposedly a crisis of spending,
be solved with more spending,
and by an institution known
for its reckless disregard
for fiscal realities?

At the heart of this barrage
of deception and dishonesty
is an uncommon genius,
innate to only the
most devious sort.

While Obama’s opponents
spend their precious time
addressing each new lie,
Obama will keep the focus
off the end-zone,
and government healthcare
will sail into place.

This strategy has a name;
it is called “the big lie,”
and it depends on a
fundamental truth
of human nature:

At some point,
citizens grow weary of
hearing that their leaders
are out for their ill,
that political policies are
nothing more than grand

Who wants to believe
their President is a serial
liar that seeks to impose
full Socialism on the
land of the free?
Some truths are too
big to contemplate,
an observation that would
lead one of the world’s
most successful propagandists
to write:

It would never
come into their
[the people’s] heads
to fabricate colossal
and they would not
believe that others
could have the
impudence to distort
the truth so infamously.

Even though the facts
which prove this to
be so may be brought
clearly to their minds,
they will still doubt
and waver and will
continue to think that
there may be some
other explanation.

Obama is counting
on this principle.

Most Americans are growing
tired and are ready for some
sort of compromise,
but we cannot give
in to this impulse.

Obama will not give up
and neither can we.

Be encouraged.

Don’t lose hope.

We must push forward,
and keep the heat on the
enemies of freedom.

Americans must stay
alert or the lie of all lies
will consume what is
left of liberty in America.

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