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Chris Brown hammered with a scalding slap on the wrist for Rihanna attack!


The details of Chris Brown’s
community service order
have been unveiled –
the singer will be
washing cars,
picking up trash and
removing graffiti as his
punishment for beating up
his ex-girlfriend Rihanna,
WENN reports September 4th.


The 20 year old was handed
five years probation and ordered
to serve six months hard labour
in his home state of Virginia
after pleading guilty to assaulting
the Umbrella beauty in February.


Now the star’s tasks have been
revealed in a letter from Richmond,
Virginia Police chief Bryan Norwood
to the court in Los Angeles where
Brown was sentenced.

rihanna-cleavage-03 by Papyy.

The letter reads,
“It is my understanding that the
Court desires the imposed
community service to be
labour intensive.
Along those lines,
we are prepared to put Mr Brown
to work in the community
performing manual labour tasks,
such as graffiti removal,
trash pick up,
washing cars,
maintaining grounds, etc.”


The proposals also state that
Brown will be forced to pick up
the bill for extra security during
his punishment,
in case members of the public
find out his location and harass
him while he’s at work.

The documents adds,
“He will be responsible for
paying any costs incurred
regarding the facilitation of
this arrangement to include
adequate security from
the public
(in the event they become
aware of his presence)
and one-on-one supervision
where special projects
are instituted.”

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