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Charlotte Taylor was wedged within poo poo loo, ooooooo P.U.!

_____________Photo by Will Walker / North News

THIS is unlucky

Charlotte Taylor

who got her head

stuck down a toilet

at a music festival,


Tom Wells

reports for

The U.K. Sun

September 4th.

The 18-year-old was

wedged face-first in

the pongy bowl for a

stomach-churning 20

minutes before firefighters

pulled her free.

She had been trying

to reach her handbag –

containing cash and

a mobile phone –

after accidentally

dropping it in the loo.

More than 2,000 people

joined “Poo Girl” appreciation

groups on the Facebook

website following last

weekend’s horror at the

Leeds Festival.


__Flushed ... Charlotte got stuck in festival loos like these


Last night Specsavers

worker Charlotte,

from Sunderland,

told of her grim ordeal.

She said:

“I kept saying to myself,

‘Oh my God I can’t believe

this is happening.

It can’t be real.’

“My bag had my phone,

train ticket and all my

money in it,

so if I left it I wouldn’t have

been able to get home and

I would have been stranded.

“I put one hand down

but I couldn’t reach so

I put the other one down

too to try and grab it.

“But I was straining so

far down that I got wedged.”




She added:

“My shoulders were stuck

on both sides and I couldn’t

move at all.

“I was struggling and

trying to get out and it

just made it worse.

I knew I couldn’t

get out myself and

was so embarrassed.”




After 20 minutes a team

of firefighters arrived and

used brute force to pull her

out of the stinking portaloo.

But Charlotte faced further

embarrassment after they

then hosed her down in front

of hundreds of festival-goers.

She added:

“All of my friends were laughing

at me when I told them what

had happened.

“Throughout the rest of

the weekend I could hear

people talking about it.

“It was strange that I was

right there and not many

people knew it was me.

I was so embarrassed.”

Charlotte’s mum Chris, 51,


“When Charlotte told

me I just laughed.

I felt bad for her but you

have to laugh at these things.”







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  1. So sad,
    Don’t you just really feel for this girl?

  2. I can’t imagine anyone using a festival toilet anyway let alone fishing about in the bottom of the pan eeeewwww!

  3. Reminds me of the famous “Trainspotting” scene. Bless!

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