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Megan Fox suspects she may have mental illness (see an awesome psychiatrist like I do Megan! Rash)


Sexy Megan Fox
has a secret she’s been
hiding from her legions
of fans –
she suffers
“bouts of schizophrenia.”
WENN reports Sept. 2nd.


The Transformers star
admits she has struggled with
mental health problems since
her youth,
although she hasn’t been
officially diagnosed,
she is convinced she shows
symptoms of the serious
psychiatric condition,
which often torments suffers
with auditory hallucinations,
paranoid delusions
and social dysfunction.

The 23 year old reveals
she has spent years
meticulously studying
the life of movie
legend Marilyn Monroe,
who died of a drug overdose
at the age of 36 –
because she fears her own
problems may lead her
to a similar end.

She tells
Wonderland magazine,
“I basically read every book
ever written about
Marilyn Monroe.
I could end up like that
because I constantly struggle
with the idea that I think
I’m a borderline personality –
or that I have bouts of
mild schizophrenia.
“I definitely have some
kind of mental problem
and I haven’t pinpointed
what it is.”

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