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Elderly man protesting ObamaCare has finger bitten off by pro Obama protester at healthcare rally!






Protester Bites

Off Finger of

Obama Supporter

At Health Care


September 3rd, , 2009


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Here’s a weird little

piece of late-breaking

news about the nation’s

healthcare reform debate:

A 65-year-old man

at a Wednesday night

California rally supporting

President Obama’s embattled

reform ideas had a finger

bitten off during a scuffle

with anti-reform protesters.

Ventura County sheriff’s

deputies were called to

Lynn Road and Hillcrest

Drive in Thousand Oaks

near Los Angeles,

according to TV station KTLA.

There, an estimated

100 supporters of healthcare

reform affiliated with

MoveOn.org had gathered

as part of a nationwide

array of pre-Labor Day

rallies to attract attention

in support of Obama’s

reform plans currently

before Congress.

Instead, the rally attracted

the attention of a group

of anti-healthcare-reform

protesters across the street.

Initial police reports say

that one pro-protester

moved into the group of


Some angry words

were exchanged.

One protester

punched another,

a witness told KTLA.

A scuffle ensued.

And the pro-protester

had a finger bitten off.

(UPDATE: 8:18 a.m.

Conflicting later reports

indicate the biter was a

healthcare proponent

and the now nine-fingered

man an opponent.)

The injured man walked

to Los Robles Hospital

with his finger for,



Sheriff’s investigators were,



Neither the biter nor

the bitee were identified

by midnight Pacific time.

(Updated at 12:52 a.m.:

Karoli over at

DrumsnWhistles has an

eyewitness account that

differs from the KTLA version,

involving two men

behaving “quite badly.”)

— Andrew Malcolm



Man bites off

finger at Obama

healthcare rally


September 3rd, 2009


(Links are in GREEN)

A 65-year-old man

demonstrating in support

of health care reform at

a rally near Los Angeles

had his finger bitten off

after a violent confrontation

with a reform opponent

Wednesday night.

According to one

bystander’s account,

the reform supporter,

part of a group of 100

or so MoveOn.org


had aggressively threatened

a small group of anti-Obama

protesters who were

peaceful people holding

up candles and signs.”

(Police reports concur

that the Obama supporter

moved across the street

into the group of protesters.)

He landed a heavy blow

to the face of one protester,

who responded by chomping

off his pinky.

A reform opponent who
wrote about the event
online stressed that her
group had not exchanged
hostile words with the
Obama supporters before
the fight broke out.

She reported the incident
immediately on Twitter
and handed over her
photos and video to police.

The bitten man walked
to a nearby hospital
for treatment.

The headline with one
story is backward,
the anti-healthcare
gentleman had his finger
bitten off by the pro
Obama supporter.

The liberal L.A. Times
made the same “mistake”
reporting this story.







3 Responses to “Elderly man protesting ObamaCare has finger bitten off by pro Obama protester at healthcare rally!”

  1. The entire Obama regime is filled with liars,
    tax-cheaters, and thugs!

    L.A. Times is a leftist propagandist
    rag run by hateful members of LaRaza
    and Mecha.

    Notice no description
    of the finger biter was given!

  2. Well said Dan!

    Wonderful post.

    I didn’t notice no description
    was given of the finger biter
    until you pointed it out –
    very valid point!

    THANK YOU for
    reading 22MOON Dan Moon!


  3. My pinkie,
    my pinkie,
    my kingdom for a pinkie
    but I guess he has that terrible Medicare a
    “Single-payer health care insurance”
    what a hypocrite.

    Did the little pinkie cry “Wee-wee-wee!”
    all the way home?

    It real should have been his right pinky finger
    that would have been a better story.
    They are haters not debaters.

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