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Emperor Obama’s Dance Dance Socialist Revolution! (Part THREE of FIVE)


By James Lewis

August 20th, 2009

The American Thinker


___(Part THREE of FIVE)

___(Links are in GREEN)

As Ralph Peters pointed out in the New York Post,
he is basically a radical Leftist circa 1979, when Third World Radicalism was the big thing.

Wrote Peters,

“Much of our president’s youth was spent in the Third World;

his closest relatives viewed events through a wacky leftist lens —

and he sat for decades in a church whose pastor ranted against Jews,

“racist” America and our foreign policy.

It would be astonishing if Obama hadn’t internalized such views by sheer osmosis.

“The evidence of our president’s preferences is on the video record:

Compare his upbeat body language and smiles as he embraces Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez or the Saudi king with the scowls he offers European leaders.

“Our president not only identifies with the Third World,
but with aromanticized Third World whose failings are all the West’s fault.

It’s the typical view
of an undergraduate leftist
— in 1979.”

Obama is no original thinker.

Once you figure out his core beliefs,
that’s all you need.

The rest is just tactics and ego-tripping, plus a million-dollar smile.

Charismatic Leninoidism with a million dollar smile is still what it is.

Obama considers himself a Third World Socialist,
like his Kenyan biological father —
which is why he called his first book Dreams From My Father.

But Third World Socialism was originally Lenin’s idea.

It was Lenin who convinced the Left to see the world in terms of a global war between capitalist countries and their colonies.

It was Lenin who defined the word “imperialism” for the Left:

Imperialism is the exploitation of poor countries by capitalist countries.

Only capitalists can be imperialists.

Every monstrosity committed by Third World regimes is therefore excusable.

Every good deed by a capitalist country deserves a sinister interpretation.

Just ask your friends on the Left why the US gives so much foreign aid to poor countries, and does US Navy rescue missions when they have disasters.

The Left is a Manichean creed,
always pitting the Children of
Light against the Children
of Darkness.

Psychologically that kind of Light-Against-Dark worldview is considered to be a low-level defense mechanism.

It comes from people with fragile egos,
and it’s a defining feature of something called Borderline Personality Disorder.

The basic rule for people with BPD is that they are constantly idealizing some of their relationships and demonizing all the others.

Every now and then they flip, and change their current angels into demons.

It’s impossible to maintain stable relationships with them because eventually everyone is perceived as their enemy.

BPD tends to go
along with narcissism.

When you mix the two,
you get enormous grandiosity
(as in you-know-who)
combined with the very
simplest division of all human
beings into Good or Evil.
Mixed NPD-BPD is the story.

Revolutionaries are very often like that.

Karl Marx was always raging at his personal enemies,

and of course Marx’s Good-vs-Evil division between the bourgeoisie and the workers turned everything into White Hats vs. Black Hats.

The whole world divided up very neatly into the people you can hate
(because they are
objective Evil, of course)
and the ones you idealize
in the most absurd ways
(because they are
objectively Good).

I have Leftist friends who do exactly the same thing.

Lenin was the same.
In his writings he constantly fell into foaming-at-the-mouth abuse of her personal enemies,
even in his “theoretical” writing about “world-historical” events:

So were Hitler and Mussolini.

They all mixed the egomania and grandiosity of narcissism with the global demonizing characteristic of Borderline Personality Disorder.

It’s the narcissism that keeps them from falling apart,
and it’s the love-hate relationships that keep them oriented to other people.

It gets worse.

Leninism is malignant,
but not just because it
divides all of humanity
into Good Versus Evil,
like some bad
spaghetti Western.

It gets actively harmful
because it is a political
program aimed at
absolute power —
not just an academic

Leninism is held by many of the bloody-minded folks on the Left, and that explains a lot about our world.

Obama’s lifelong quest for power,
aided by his buds on the Left,
is completely purposeful.

Unlike George W. Bush,
Obama is not a man who was around politics all his life,
decided to go into the oil business,
had his ups and downs,
and then owned a baseball team;
then Governor of Texas
and the US president.

Obama has been single-mindedly aiming for political power all his adult life,
along with his inner circle,
because that’s what Leninoids do.

In Marxist speak,
it’s a “praxis”
(meaning an actual
political power game)
not just a theory.

Lenin came to power in 1917,
sixty years after after Marx and Engels wrote their Communist Manifesto (1848).

The industrialized world had changed a lot — for one thing, the workers in Europe were living better, eating better, and gaining more political power.

So Lenin had to change the Marx story.

For one thing, the Bolshevik Revolution happened in the wrong place:
in Russia in 1917,
with a little crucial help from the Kaiser’s General Staff.

So Lenin got into power with the crucial aid of the Kaiser’s capitalists —
not something you want to advertise on the radical Left.

All that was contrary to Marx’s “scientific” prediction that the most advanced countries would flip Communist first.

Never happened,
of course.
But Marx couldn’t be wrong.

Ever. So by 1916 Lenin pulled a quick switch for the One True Faith,
in a pamphlet titled

He explained that by then,
capitalism had come so close to its inevitable doom that it had to export the proletariat to the colonies.

Marx was right all along,
of course,
except that global capitalism was now parked in London and Berlin and it was exploiting Russia, China, and Africa,
who were now the




“It is precisely the parasitism and decay of capitalism,
characteristic of its highest historical stage of development,
i.e., imperialism.

As this pamphlet shows, capitalism has now singled out a handful
(less than one-tenth of the inhabitants of the globe;
less than one-fifth at a most “generous” and liberal calculation)

of exceptionally rich and powerful states which plunder the whole world simply by “clipping coupons”.

… Imperialism is the eve of the social revolution of the proletariat.

This has been confirmed since 1917 on a world-wide scale.”

Sounds fishy,
but then we’re talking about people with an aching need to believe,
believe in a secular Kingdom of God.

And Lenin was the Prophet.


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