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Emperor Obama’s Dance Dance Socialist Revolution! (Part ONE of FIVE)


By James Lewis

August 20th, 2009

The American Thinker


___(Part ONE of FIVE)

___(Links are in GREEN)

The parallels between

Barack Hussein Obama
and Vladimir Ilyich Lenin
are intriguing.


To be sure,
there are differences:
Barack Obama is not
the absolute
ruler of a
tyrannical state.
Lenin was.

We are not about to see a
violent Bolshevik coup
like Lenin’s.
(At least, I’m fairly sure.)

America in 2009 is
not Russia in 1917.

So we won’t equate them.

And yet.
without losing sight
of those facts,
the similarities are too
strong for mere

So I’m going to make up
the word “Leninoid,”
as a reminder that Obama
isn’t Lenin  —
but he must have hired
the same Hollywood

I don’t know why.
I’m just pointing to what I see.

It was Lenin,
not Stalin,
who first introduced the
Cult of Personality to
raise his profile to
superhuman status
after the Bolshevik
Revolution of 1917.

Even today,
some Leftists talk about
Lenin as a Jesus figure,
who only murdered four
million people out
of necessity.

Wikipedia writes that
“The late Australian historian
and leftist intellectual
Lenin as “Christ-like,
at least in his compassion.”




Obama’s entire election
campaign was based on a
Cult of Personality,
deliberately whipped up
by PR honcho Axelrod
and shamefully effective
with many Americans.

has been sounded by
Obama himself, followed
by his millions of acolytes.




Hollywood Lefty
Susan Sarandon has said:

“He is a community organizer
like Jesus was

… And now,
we’re a community and
he can organize us.”




Revolution Comes from Above

“I am the change”




Understand where the vision for change comes from,
first and foremost,”
he told reporters at his third press conference in as many days.
“It comes from me.
That’s my job,
is to provide a vision in
terms of where we are going,
and to make sure,
that my team is




That is exactly the Leninoid
notion of
“Revolution comes from above.”

this has been attributed
to Stalin,
in order to protect Lenin’s
reputation on the Left.

In fact, it was Stalin who
controlled and edited all
of Lenin’s published works
after his death in 1924.

The trick in all
revolutionary movements
is to trigger revolution
from above,
and to attribute it to
“the oppressed masses.”

But the masses of people
are never even consulted.

That is why the Communist
Party must always be the
“Vanguard of the Proletariat.”

Lenin routinely had
peasants and workers
(the terror police he created)
if they were against him.




Scapegoating the rich
and all “enemies”
of the regime

This is basic to all of Marxism,
of course.

But the demagogic version,
the one that literally proclaims,
“Kill the rich!”
came from Lenin —

because Lenin was the
first dictator of a state
coming out of the Marxist
revolutionary movements.

He was the model of actual revolutionary governance.

Everybody else followed
the successful elements
of Lenin’s model.



Grigori Jefimowitsch


3 Responses to “Emperor Obama’s Dance Dance Socialist Revolution! (Part ONE of FIVE)”

  1. greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat

    wait another

  2. So:

    If you are in any popular with the public masses at all,
    then you are a Lenonoid socialist with a cult of personality?

    So what makes Jesus a messiah
    and not a violent revolutionist?

    Being a past community worker
    is practically a mark of fascism/communism?

    Changing the structure of the government
    is a sign of Communist revolution?

    To be a truly democratic country,
    we will have to find the proletarian’s opinion,
    in another way that doesn’t involve voting for representatives,
    other government officials,
    formally protesting, or just emigrating?

    A revolution in the government leads to communism;
    so obviously the French,
    and Americans are all communist.

    Obama obviously isn’t the greatest president…
    but methinks you’re twisting some facts
    around just because you have an affinity for Conservatives/Independents.

  3. Jeffery,
    Please feel free to
    enlighten MOON readers
    with the actual facts.

    Obama is not a Leninist Socialist
    because he is popular with the masses,
    did you read that somewhere on this website

    Obama is a Leninist Socialist because of his policies.

    Are you one of those people who think Che Guevara
    was a great hero of the downtrodden by chance,
    instead of the Marxist murderer he actually was?

    Quit getting your news from the Jon Stewart Show
    and the Huffington Post and the left wing mainstream
    media and do your own research and your eyes will
    be opened.

    I was a Liberal at one time,
    and a Democrat,
    I too was brainwashed.

    Don’t let your liberal college professors
    tell you what to think,
    do your own research.

    Don’t take my word for anything,
    but don’t take their word for anything either.

    Do you know who Saul Alinsky even is?

    Are you aware Communists have killed
    more people than Hitler?

    Did you know Hitler was a left winger,
    not a right winger?

    Are you aware the Democrats did not
    fight for equal rights for the blacks,
    it was the Republicans.

    Why do you not know these things?

    I admire your passion,
    but you are not aware of some things
    because you are being spoon fed propaganda.

    If the right wing is wrong,
    instead of the usual Liberal response
    (I know you did not do this)
    of labeling the Right Wing Neocons,
    or bigots, or fascists, or racists –
    respond with facts that prove them wrong.

    I’m not a Republican,
    many of them are tainted and only after power,
    but compared to todays Democratic Party they
    are wonderful.

    The Democratic Party has been taken over
    by Communists and Socialists.

    The real fascists of today are the so called
    “Progressives” and “Liberals” who want to
    control free speech and talk radio and the internet.

    Did you know the Swine Flu panic was a scam
    to make billions for Big Pharma?

    Did the main stream media expose that story yet?

    No they did not,
    but I did,
    one hillbilly from West Virginia with only one
    year of college running a web site single handed.

    Did the mainstream media tell
    you about ClimateGate or are they still
    in on the coverup?

    Why can I find out these coverups
    when the mega well funded media
    can not find these things out?

    Propaganda my friend.

    Liberals and progressives are not stupid,
    they are good people who are misled.

    Don’t follow the pack,
    be a real radical and find the
    truth as I do.

    I admire your passion,
    but let your passion lead you
    to the truth,
    even if it is not in style.

    I welcome your comments,
    if you see a fact that is wrong,
    prove it and I will change it
    and thank you for telling me.

    but to say
    ” Being a past community worker
    is practically a mark of fascism/communism?”
    really means nothing,
    does it?

    Did this site say that somewhere?

    You also said,
    “Changing the structure of the government
    is a sign of Communist revolution?”

    Did this site say that somewhere?
    it did not.

    You wrote,
    “A revolution in the government leads to communism;
    so obviously the French,
    and Americans are all communist.”

    Where did you read that?
    Wherever it was,
    it was not on this site,
    my friend.

    you also stated,
    “So what makes Jesus a messiah
    and not a violent revolutionist?”

    let me think –
    how about killing women and children
    like Che Guevara did –
    that is one difference.

    Please state facts
    instead of broad statements
    that have nothing to do with
    22moon and your comments
    will have much more impact.

    Your comments are welcome anytime
    here Jeffery,
    this is a Free Speech Zone.

    You are smart but I fear
    misled by propaganda.

    And by the way,
    every President since Kennedy
    has produced his medical records,
    high school records,
    college records,
    law school records,
    and birth certificate.

    Every President except Obama.

    What is Berry,
    I mean Barack hiding exactly?

    Thank You for your posting and
    Thank You for reading 22MOON.


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