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Emperor Obama’s Dance Dance Socialist Revolution! (Part FOUR of FIVE)


By James Lewis

August 20th, 2009

The American Thinker


___(Part FOUR of FIVE)

___(Links are in GREEN)

Today’s Left follows Lenin’s New Authorized Version of Marx.

(As heavily edited and
censored by J. Stalin).

That is why the Left has never admitted —
far less apologized for  —
the fact that the Soviet Empire engaged in the most brutal imperialism,

no matter how many thousands of tanks it sent into Eastern Europe to shoot up civilians in Hungary,

Czechoslovakia and East Germany,  Afghanistan,
Chechnya and Georgia.

Moscow could steal all the stuff it wanted from its colonies;
it was never really imperialism.

Its colonies were never colonies.

Communists couldn’t exploit anybody, by definition.

Stalin, Lenin, and Mao could murder 100 million people in plain view of the Western Left,
which just rationalized it to themselves,
and lied about it to their home audiences.

The Left was soaked in Lenin’s labels about the world,
and they still are today.
__Apocalypse Now Movie Poster Parody by maksim maksimovich.

That seems to be why Obama:

Keeps apologizing for
America whenever he
goes abroad.

We tend to think this is a new thing.

It’s not new at all.
It comes straight from
Lenin’s 1916 pamphlet.

America is sinful because
it is Imperialist by definition,
and everybody else is a Victim,

Capitalism exploits the
Wretched of the Earth,
by definition.

Even if capitalism bring them Coke and computers and medicines and TV.

It doesn’t matter.

This is one of those fixed beliefs on which evidence has no bearing.

It’s like J. Wright’s definition
of middle-class white folks:
every single one.
By definition.




Here’s an example.

It costs the Saudis about a nickel to produce a barrel of oil.

That’s sold on the world market at fifty bucks, let’s say,
depending upon supply and demand.

That markup from a five cents to fifty dollars may not sound like imperialistic exploitation to you.

But according to Lenin —
and all the Leninoids today —
the Saudis are still the
Wretched of the Earth.

They are the Exploited Workers,
only now in colonies —
well, former colonies —
no matter who wealthy and
corrupt and jihadist they
are in reality.

That’s why we owe them —
not just apologies
but reparations.

That’s why Obama,
in his brief term as a US Senator,
sponsored the Global Tax
for poor countries.

For Obama it’s just a single apology tour;
it happens every single time he crosses the border,
starting from his Citizens
of the World!
speech at the Berlin
Big Phallic Monument.

He just did it again in the meeting with Canada and Mexico.

Just watch him keep on doing it.

I don’t think it’s even
planned any more.

Obama is just so up to his neck in Leftist loathing of America that he has to apologize to every foreigner he meets on the street,
like some uncontrollable verbal tic.

Because he is a
true-believing Leninoid,
Obama totally misunderstands
the  creativity and productivity
of free markets,
here and abroad.

This is amazing,
because it comes down to failing to see things that are  right in front of his eyes.

It’s as if Obama hasn’t watched the computer revolution,
the internet explosion,
the cheapness of medical drugs unimaginable a decade ago,
the ongoing biotech revolution,
and on and on.

He just doesn’t grok what’s plain and obvious to the rest of the world.

He doesn’t understand that the astonishing economic rise of India and China happened as soon as they gave up their collectivist delusions,
at the end of the Cold War.

He doesn’t understand how much Indians and Chinese and Arabs and Persians have internalized the productive technologies of the West, and made them their own.

He doesn’t make those obvious connections.

The next time you go to an Indian or Pakistani dentist you can see it right in front of your eyes.

Obama denies the obvious implications.

Obama doesn’t understand that economic systems are first of all incentive systems:

They either reward you to do productive things, or they deprive you of rewards for hard work.

Without rewards you stop working.

India and China are now rewarding hundreds of millions of their people for doing work,
for studying science and technology,
and most of all for running successful enterprises.

The bitter Soviet joke was
“We pretend to work,
and they pretend to pay us.”

The factory workers in the USSR knew all about it.

Obama doesn’t get it.

For Obama the Cold War never made any sense,
and he doesn’t get why Communist economies crumbled,
and the capitalist ones kept on getting more and more productive.

This is not to say that
Obama is unintelligent.

Not at all.
You can see Obama’s kind
of intelligence on every
university campus in
the world.

They teach that kind of blindness there,
in just the way the medieval university used to teach Aristotle and Galen,
as if nothing new had happened since the ancient Greeks.

This is the way Islam is taught today at Al Azhar University in Cairo.

The natural home of the Left and all its bloody-minded professors is on university campuses.

There they share the same delusional system, because they never get reality feedback the way everyday working Americans get it.

Locked-in belief systems
like Obama’s are distorting.

If you’re a Leninoid you
naturally block out
whatever doesn’t fit.

Which is
nearly everything.


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