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Emperor Obama’s Dance Dance Socialist Revolution! (Part FIVE of FIVE)

_________Obama's Police State Tactics by maksim maksimovich.


By James Lewis

August 20th, 2009

The American Thinker


___(Part FIVE of FIVE)

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That’s also why Obama:

Bowed down deep to
the King of Arabia,
in front of the world media,
a classic submission bow
before a paunchy
pre-medieval monarch,
just like the ones you can
see on the walls of
Egyptian pyramids from
5,000 years ago.

That is what slaves and vassals have always done.
It’s a universal




King Abdullah governs
a land that whips women
for wanting to drive,
allows men to beat their wives,
tacitly encourages dis-honor
murders of teenage girls for
flirting with boys,
chops off body parts as
a routine punishment,
exports Islamist radicalism —
more deadly than the Swine Flu —
stamps out any other religion
on its territory,
most outrageous of all,
still keeps slaves from Africa
and South-East Asia in
involuntary servitude.

And yet,
Obama must show reverence in front of the whole world to King Abdullah,
because Arabia was once a colony of the West.

That is consistent with his Leninoid beliefs.

Imperialism —
free markets,
electoral democracy —
is capital b Bad.

Anti-Imperialists are Good,
no matter how horrifically they behave.

Notice that Obama hasn’t said a word in recent weeks about daily terrorist mass murders of innocent civilians in Iraq, Afghanistan and, of course, Iran.

This White House doesn’t see those things as crimes.

It’s not just their PR front.

This is what they believe.

That is why the War on Terror doesn’t make any sense to Obama;
terror is the weapon of Anti-Imperialist warfare.

Who cares if innocent women and children are targeted to be killed,
or brainwashed from childhood to murder people?

You can’t make an omelet without breaking a couple of eggs.

You can’t blame Anti-Imperialists for using their only really useful weapon for world revolution.

Kenya’s Mau Mau drove out the Brits by slaughtering isolated farm families in particularly gory ways.

That’s just how the Good Guys have to act sometimes.

The media all understand that.

That’s why they always blame the civilized side in any conflict.

The new president of South Africa was just elected with the campaign song,

“Bring me my machine gun!”

Nobody in the West said a word.
Certainly Obama didn’t.
He just sent Hillary to Africa.

So now American and British soldiers are dying in Afghanistan for the sake of a Temporary Overseas Contingency.

This is not a War on Terror any more.

Britain’s Foreign Minister David Miliband just explained how terror can be justifiable —

meaning the willful killing of civilians,
as in the London Underground bombing of 2007.

Miliband is another one,
of course.

So the West is now abandoning centuries of its highest moral values in the fight against barbarism.

We are blaming the Bush Administration for three cases of CIA waterboarding of major terror killers captured in battle,
in the face of clear and immediate threats to our nation —
and we are excusing endless throat cutting and bombing by the same Islamo-fascists against innocent civilians.

you see,
terrorism is in the
eyes of the beholder.

It’s ok for them to do it
because we are the Imperialists.



This is all Lenin’s dose of poison,
still flowing freely in the
— veins of the Left.

Nothing is as toxic as
a really bad idea.

The day before Obama’s Big Bow to King Abdullah,
the President of the United States and First Lady went out of their way to publicly diss Queen Elizabeth III and fellow-socialist PM Gordon Brown.

Because Britain was the colonial power that governed Kenya until fifty years ago.

It’s a sort of family vendetta.

The fact that all that ended five decades ago means nothing.

This is their faith;
it doesn’t change.

This is why Obama couldn’t figure out that Honduras dictator-to-be Manuel Zelaya got thrown out by constitutional means;

in fact, both Obama and Hillary just thought it was a Colonels’ Coup against a democratically elected president,
just like the old days.

Anybody who read the papers knew it was Zelaya who was trying to conduct a violent coup against Honduras’ elected leadership,

but they just couldn’t figure it out.

What’s wrong with a Leninist revolution anyway?

Hugo made it work just fine in Caracas.

Fidel is the model.

Now the Left is really worried that Venezuelans and Nicaraguans might figure out that they can throw out their dictators by legal means.

They’re fervently hoping that all this constitutionalism doesn’t spread.

It took the administration weeks and weeks to figure out the obvious,
and by that time they had taken the wrong side —

That’s because they never quite got all this fuss about the Constitution.

They still don’t,

So Obama views the world through the eyes of Lenin —
not 100 percent,
because Obama is not the boss of Russia in 1917.

They are not identical,
any more than you and
I are identical to the people
who inspired us.

But the resemblances
are undeniable.
__Obama Officials Against Free Speech by maksim maksimovich.

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