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Microwave your sex life!


guide to
great sex

By Charlotte Martin

March 25th, 2009

The U.K. Sun



MAKING babies

used to be fun.










But for so many couples

desperate to conceive,

nightly romps have become

a joy-free zone,

based on ovulation optimisation

rather than pleasure.


Yet scientists are now saying

that the best way to get pregnant

is the old-fashioned approach –

wild passionate sex like you

had when you first dated.


Fertility experts are coining

the term

‘gourmet sex’ –

where both partners take the

time to ensure the other has

a satisfying experience –

as the ultimate fertility treatment.


“The sex should be as wild

and thrilling as it was when

the couple first met,

when they weren’t thinking

about babies,

to give them the maximum

possible chance of having a baby,”

said Dr Allan Pacey,

secretary of the British Fertility Society.


An extra five minutes of foreplay

before ejaculation can produce

an extra 25 million sperm,

according to experts.


The more excited sperm will

also be of a higher standard,

meaning there is a greater

chance of the sperm and egg

fusing to create a new life.



sexpert and deputy editor of

Scarlet Magazine,

Laura Godman,

gives us her top tips for sexual

satisfaction that’s good

enough to eat.






The relationship


“It might not sound sexy,

but it’s relationship first,

sex second for best results.

“Number one is your confidence

in sharing any fantasies and

problems you have with each other –

and your ability to do that in

a respectful way.


“If you are secretly longing

to try something between the

sheets it will benefit you both

if you can discuss –

and potentially explore –

the fantasy.


“Unleashing a fantasy can add

a new dimension to your

relationship and the novelty-factor

can increase excitement

and passion.


“The key is to encourage

discussion with your lover on

fantasies and never to ridicule

a partner’s fantasies.


“By getting into this habit

you’ll feel a lot more liberated

in your relationship –

even if you choose not

to try out a fantasy.


“Also, over time,

it’s easy to take each other’s

good points for granted.

“No matter how long you’ve

been together you should always

make the time to compliment

each other.


“Tell your partner how sexy

he looks when he’s just out

of the shower,

or how good he makes you

feel when he gives you oral –

it’ll increase his confidence

in the sack overall.






The prep


“Before you let your guy worship you,

worship yourself with an all-over

body buff-up.


“Make time for a slow and

sensuous shower before

you have sex.


“As you lather up your body,

stroke your skin and imagine

your lover doing this.

“You’ll feel your best making

love knowing you’re pampered

and pristine and looking

your most gorgeous.


“In terms of clothes,

it’s vital you get your

underwear right.


“Try silky, tactile lingerie to

sensitise the skin and a glam

outfit so you feel absolutely



“A recent survey claimed most

men found their women sexiest

in a football or rugby shirt,

so it’s not so much what you

wear but how you wear it and

confidence is the best accessory

to an outfit!


“Move slowly and sleekly,

with a swing of the hips,

maintain a good posture –

so your bum and breasts stand

out invitingly –

and make eye contact.






The date


“To make everything perfect,

try to avoid a huge meal,

lots of alcohol or any gas-inducing

foods before your big night.


“Alcohol can seriously inhibit

performance and spicy or too

much food might give you gas –

the last thing you want when

you are both trying to feel as

sexy as possible.


“To really start the night

off with a bang,

I recommend reading each

other erotic stories.


“Make sure the lights are

dimmed and all mobile phones

turned off,

sit on bed or on a comfy sofa

with an erotic book.


“With your voice lowered,

quietly read a raunchy scene

from the book into your lover’s ear

(the quietness and feel of your

breath on his sensitive ear will

have his attention zoned in on you).


“He’ll get turned on hearing

you relate the scenario and

this is also a good opportunity

to introduce new fantasies.


“The reading will pre-empt the

sex and get have you both

raring to go.


“To really personalise this experience,

write your own erotic story

to read to him –

with you as the stars! –

or ask him to join in making

up a story on the spot.


You can act out the story

as you narrate it,

if you’re not too shy.






The foreplay


“Try and think outside of

the box on the foreplay front –

as what you like might not

necessarily be so explosive

for him,

and vice versa.


“The best ideas are things that last –

almost making foreplay into a game.

“Try some of these ideas for

a change from the normal

rubbing and kissing moves.”






Concentrate on the

less obvious body parts

“Instead of going straight

for each other’s genitals,

take the time to awaken and

explore other erogenous zones,

such as the neck,

nipples, back of the knees.


“Do this by stroking with a feather,

fingers, tongue or – for you –

with your breasts.


“Stroking with your breasts

will be a tantalising touch for

him plus it’ll send zingy feelings

through your nerve endings too.”






Play hunt the sweet spot

“Blindfold your partner

(or have him blindfold you)

and daub a sweet and sticky

liquid like syrup,

honey or chocolate sauce,

somewhere on your body.


“It is then you or your partner’s

task to find it –

using only their tongue.


“This is a great opportunity for

them to explore your body and

for you to feel them exploring

you intimately.


“But here’s a tip –

don’t place it somewhere

too obvious the first time as

they’ll go straight for that part.”






Decorate your body in

a variety of tasty foods

“From sliced strawberries and

cream to melting chocolate and

anything else he’s fond of,

cover your body with food.


“Then invite him to dine out on you,

starting at your sensitive

neck and your ankles,

slowly working his way

inwards to your vagina.


“Don’t forget to drip some

chocolate sauce in your

belly-button –

many women find the feel

of a tongue licking inside

very erotic!”









The sex


“Gourmet intercourse is all about

having fun and as much pleasure

as possible –

so team work is required!


“And remember,

if the aim is to both have an orgasm,

they don’t have to happen in sync.

“You should both be prepared

to give directions and be directed.


“So, if your want him to stop

sucking your nipples and nibble

your neck instead,

tell him.


“If he’s finding having his

back scratched off-putting,

don’t take offence,

but ask what he’d rather your

hands were busy doing!”








A new sex move to try:

“You lie on your back with your

bottom propped on a pillow and

your legs spread.


“He kneels between your legs

and pulls them up,

supporting your ankles

on his shoulders.


“In this position, he enters you.

“This allows for a deep penetration.

“While he is doing this,

either you or him use

a vibrating ring,

slipped on the finger,

or bullet vibrator to stimulate you.


“The extra buzz will have

you fizzing to a sublime climax

and he’ll benefit from vibrations

from you too.”












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