You can see the whole Earth from the Moon!

Lady GaGa has no wee wee pee pee we see!


Katy Perry
has spoken out
about speculation
Lady Gaga is a
hermaphrodite –
insisting the singer
fueled the rumors
on purpose,
WENN reports
August 20th.


Internet footage of the
Poker Face singer onstage
earlier this year sparked
fresh debate as to whether
or not the hitmaker has both
female and male
reproductive organs –
because a bulge
could clearly be seen.


Gossip website HollyScoop.com
also reported that Gaga actually
addressed the rumours of her sexuality with a blog entry
at Christmas.


The website claims
the singer wrote,
“It’s not something
that I’m ashamed of,
just isn’t something
that I go around
telling everyone.
I have both male
and female genitalia,
but I consider
myself a female.”


The singer has since slammed
the rumours as “ridiculous”,
but Perry is convinced
Lady GaGa purposefully made
it look like she had a bulge
in order to garner
more publicity.


Perry has reportedly told
the Mirror newspaper,
“It’s all very calculated.
She knows what
she’s doing.
She put something
in her knickers,
a mini strap-on
(sex toy).”
“Bless her if she
does have a d**k,
but I am certain
she doesn’t.”
______What kind of idiot
____would stuff something
______like a mini sex toy
_____(or three tube socks)
_______into their panties
______(or tight blue jeans)
_______just for publicity!!!

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