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Brad Pitt stayed in character for Inglourious Basterds!

Quentin Tarantino
was blown away by
Brad Pitt’s commitment
to his craft after the actor
remained in character
between takes on the set
of Inglourious Basterds.


Pitt plays Nazi hunter
Aldo Raine in the violent
war movie and shows off
a thick Tennessee accent,
which he refused to drop
even when the cameras
weren’t rolling.


And writer/director Tarantino
insists Pitt’s transformation
was invaluable because it
allowed him to interact with
the character he dreamed
up on paper.


He says,
“For the most part when we
were on set he would stay in
It was like,
‘Why drop the accent
when you don’t have to?’
And I have always liked it
when actors do that.”


“He’d get into Aldo’s
mindset and stay there.
He could be Brad and make
a Brad joke but it was
always in Aldo’s dialect.
Aldo is more crude than Brad,
not much.
So that allowed Brad to
go all the way with that.”


“It was wonderful as a
writer to be confronted by
my character all day,
and to talk to him
and ask questions.”

_____Brad Pitt in Quentin Tarantino's new film

The filmmaker believes Pitt
is now in his career prime –
and is already plotting future
projects to work
with him again.

Tarantino adds,
“Brad deserves more respect
and I think he is getting it.
He has become arguably the
biggest male movie
star in the world.
It seems like his time.
It is the best time
to work with him.
I would work with Brad
again in a heartbeat.”

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