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Tamiflu (Oseltamivir Phosphate) effects worse than Swine Flu (H1N1 influenza)!






‘Tamiflu turned

my children into


sobbing wrecks’

By Richard Price

August 13th, 2009


This week,

it was with no small measure

of satisfaction that I watched

Andy Burnham,

our implausibly youthful

Health Secretary,

squirm on the GMTV sofa.


Squirming breakfast TV: Health Secretary Andy Burnham defended giving swine flu drug Tamiflu to children on GMTV as TV presenter Andrew Castle said his daughter 'almost died' after taking it



Andrew Castle,

it must be said,

is no Jeremy Paxman.

So when Mr Burnham agreed

to take part in the show to

discuss the alleged merits of


(how it sticks in my craw

even to write those words)

he was doubtless looking forward

to putting across the Government’s

point of view in the gentlest

of surroundings.

What ensued was an ambush,

as the visibly irate presenter

revealed that his daughter

Georgina had collapsed and

nearly died after taking the

supposedly harmless drug.




_____Andrew Castle with

_____his daughter Georgina,

_____who was prescribed a

_____double dose of Tamiflu

_____because of her asthma


Mr Burnham,

for his part,

burbled some platitudes about

Tamiflu being

‘our main line of defence’

against swine flu,

and how it was a

‘different phase of the illness’

when Georgina was

prescribed the drug.

Oh really?

Perhaps Mr Burnham would

have liked to come round to

my house and explain the merits

of Tamiflu to my three-year-old

daughter as she sobbed and

retched in my arms

night after night.

While he was at it,

perhaps he could take the time

to scrub our sitting room floor,

once James,

our exhausted 15-month-old boy,

had vomited so many times

that his tiny stomach could

heave up nothing but

bright orange phlegm.

This is to say nothing

of the raging fevers,

nightmares and hallucinations

which plagued both our children

until we decided they

could take no more.

The effects of swine flu?

Not a bit of it.

My wife and I are utterly

convinced that all these

symptoms were,

quite simply,

the vicious side

effects of Tamiflu.





Full disclosure:

my wife, Jennie,

was instrumental in making

sure Mr Burnham appeared in

public to discuss the issue.

The previous night,

she had appeared in the lead

item on ITV’s News At Ten

to exhort all parents that

they should think long and

hard before giving Tamiflu

to their children.

Having witnessed the damage

wreaked by the drug at

close quarters,

we would never make

the same mistake again.

It is difficult to explain the

gut wrenching feeling of seeing

your children suffer,

when their pain is a result

of your decision.

And yet,

like any responsible parents,

all we wanted was

to protect them.

In following the

Government’s advice,

we thought we were taking

the cautious route.

How wrong we were.

Looking back,

it started out in

innocuous fashion.

When James’s and Jessica’s

noses started running during

a family day out in the

Cotswolds late last month,

we initially thought

nothing of it.

But when both started coughing

and developed high temperatures,

we rang NHS Direct

to seek their advice.

Two hours later,

after a flurry of phone calls

starting with NHS Direct,

both our children had

been prescribed Tamiflu.

It was not certain that

they had swine flu,

but the on-call GP was pretty

certain they had and it was

better to be safe than sorry.

Under no circumstances

were we to take the children

to the surgery,

so instead we were asked to

dispatch a ‘flu friend’ to the

nearest open pharmacy

to collect the drugs.

At that stage –

and I remember this vividly,

having played it over in my

mind dozens of times –

both our children

were reasonably well.


in particular,

seemed to regard the pills

as sweets and was positively

bouncing off the walls

with excitement.

Once the first dose

had been administered,


all that quickly changed.




James’s temperature,

which up to that point had

been kept at normal levels

with Calpol,


His appetite disappeared

and when his raging thirst

finally persuaded him to

drink some milk,

he vomited so spectacularly

that we are still struggling

to clear up the stains

several weeks later.

For the next day

he barely moved,

except to be sick every time

he had so much as a sip

of water.

We had never seen him so ill,

and because he was unable

to keep anything in his stomach,

there was no way of controlling

his temperature

with paracetamol.

His fever was reaching

dangerous levels and we

were becoming seriously

worried about dehydration.

Thankfully –

though we did not see it

this way at the time –

James is nothing

if not a character.

He knew what

was making him ill –

the Tamiflu –

and he fought tooth and

nail to resist taking the drug.

Producing the packet of pills

was the only thing that could

rouse him from listless torpor.

In the end,

we gave up.

Almost immediately,

his symptoms cleared up

and he was back to being

our happy little boy.



has always been of

a gentler disposition.

Perhaps it is a simple

matter of gender,

but she is delightfully

eager to please,

and even after the pills

started to kick in it did not

take too much wheedling

for her to take them.


for a few hours

all seemed well.

Until we were woken in the

early hours of the morning

by the sound of Jessica


between deep,

heaving dry retches:

‘I don’t like the pills,


Please don’t make

me have the pills!’



She was hallucinating,

sobbing and more upset

than I have ever seen her.

Eventually she rocked

herself to sleep in my arms,

only to wake up an hour

later and repeat the process.

In the morning,


my wife sought advice

from our GP.

James had made his own decision,

but we were encouraged to

carry on with Jessica’s course.

Pills were smothered

in chocolate sauce,

but she was no longer

to be so easily fooled.

In the end,

it took the promise of a

trip to the toy shop and a

river of tears before she,

with typical sweetness,

obliged and swallowed them.

That night,


the screams and violent

retching returned.

By now she was begging,

pleading not to be given

any more pills.

We cracked.

Enough was enough.

The Tamiflu went

in the dustbin.

So what happened when

we defied government advice

and eschewed Tamiflu in

favour of Calpol and cuddles?

Within 24 hours both of our

children were completely


save for those runny noses.

Yet the sobering fact

is that today alone,

the NHS will hand out

Tamiflu to thousands of

vulnerable little children

who will go through needless

suffering as a result of

scaremongering about an

illness which is no more

dangerous than seasonal flu.

Of course,

there is always the chance

that your child will not suffer

side effects,

and the drug could reduce the

length of the illness by a day –

though even the Government

now admits Tamiflu does

virtually nothing

to relieve symptoms.

Take it from us:

it really,


is not worth it.








11 Responses to “Tamiflu (Oseltamivir Phosphate) effects worse than Swine Flu (H1N1 influenza)!”

  1. I like to know what does tamiflu
    consist of and how does it remove
    the swine flu from the human body,
    is it a nature or oral medicine


    atul deole-india

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  3. This is a biased one sided view of things
    that will twist peoples perceptions on Tamiflu.

    My two year old daughter developed the swine flu
    and was hospitalized for three days with a fever
    of 41.3 degrees celcius.

    She was given tylenol and aspirin
    to try and control the fever to no avail.

    She was then given Tamiflu
    and immediately started improving.

    The way Tamiflu works is it does not allow
    the flu to progress any further than it already has.

    Speeding the healing process because
    the body can catch up to the H1N1.

    I agree that people with strong immune
    systems should not need this,
    but people with weakened immune systems
    may need all the help they can get.

    You may have had a bad reaction to the drug,
    that’s unfortunatle.

    Could you imagine a parent reads
    this article and hesitates to give their child Tamiflu,
    and the child ends up dying from the H1N1 illness
    that could have been preveneted by the Tamiflu?

    Give your head a shake and stop influencing people.
    Tamiflu is most effective in the first 48 hours,
    so I hope parents with a head on their shoulders
    do not allow this article to prevent them from
    administering the drug to their loved ones
    and at least trying to help them with this.

    If it does not work,
    you can always stop using it.

  4. This is ignorant.
    Your child was diagnosed with the flu,
    then got severe flu like symptoms,
    which eventually went away?

    And you blame this on the medicine?

    Not only did the pills MAKE your children hallucinate,
    they made your children hallucinate ABOUT the pills?

    It’s awful that your child went through that,
    but you have presented absolutely NO conclusive
    or even intriguing proof to suggest
    Tamiflu is responsible.

    This is an emotional response
    to your children being sick,
    and it’s being touted as good
    advice to other parents?

    Hell no.
    I hope people consult more reliable sources,
    and not depend on this advice.

    • YOU are ignorant!!
      The evidence is not needed because
      even the maker of the drug,
      Gilead Sciences,
      says that those are the side effects of
      taking their wonderful drug!

      I spoke to a doctor that said he
      would NEVER give it to his child
      because the side effects and neurological
      damage from the drug are too severe.

      WHY would anyone give something
      to their child that has such horrible side effects?

      I guarantee you,
      that those symptoms are NOT the
      symptoms of the H1N1 flu but of a
      very horrible medicine that Donald Rumsfield
      and many others are getting rich on while
      hurting the children in our country.

      My son has it now and it’s
      just like every other flu,
      cough, runny nose, fever,
      sore throat!

      BIG DEAL!
      I would rather mine just have the
      flu for a few days longer!

      Not to mention,
      it’s too new of a drug for them to know much about.

      Keep on believing the government and the media,
      they only want what’s best for you after all!

  5. I’m glad that I read this.
    My son has the Swine flu now,
    just tested positive today.

    I was about to give him the Tamiflu
    and read the insert from the pharmacy first.

    I did NOT like what it said.

    Do I REALLY need to give my child
    this medicine that has side effects like
    “Unusual behavior changes,
    confusion, diarrhea, vomitting,
    stomach pain, hallucinations,
    mood and mental changes,
    reddened, blistered, peeling,
    or swollen skin, and seizures?”

    Those are not even allergic reaction symptoms,
    those are “normal” symptoms.

    Are these people NUTS?

    Those symptoms are worse than
    his Swine flu symptoms
    (102 fever, achy, cough, sore throat),
    which are normal flu symptoms and
    will probably go away in a couple of days.

    I also called my son’s friend’s mom
    because his friend had the same flu.

    I asked her if she gave the Tamiflu to her son.

    She did NOT and that’s because
    her son’s doctor
    (yes, there are still a few decent doctors out there)
    told her that he did not recommend it.

    He said that he would NEVER give it to his child.

    He said that the neurological
    side effects were too bad.

    I CANNOT believe how many
    people are buying into this crap!

    “Everyone, go get the H1N1 vaccine,
    get your Tamiflu, hurry, hurry!”

    That’s what they want you to do!
    Who knows what’s even in
    those vaccines and medicines.

    And now “they” are pushing
    the Tamiflu if you do get sick.

    Do you know why?
    One guess… MONEY!

    Guess who is the Chairman of the
    Board at Gilead Sciences,
    which is the creator of Tamiflu?
    Donald Rumsfield!!

    And he owns a majority of the stock.
    People are watching the news and freaking out,
    getting flu vaccines,
    getting Tamiflu and giving it to their children.

    WHY doesn’t anyone do their
    homework before making decisions?

    People who get flu shots are STUPID (sorry)!

    The flu changes it’s strain constantly.
    There are already several
    different strains of the Swine flu.

    The vaccine only works for that particular strain.
    I know a couple,
    every year the wife gets the flu shot
    and the husband doesn’t,
    and every year, she gets the flu and he does NOT!

    And for God’s sake people,
    STOP listening to the media!

    They OVEREXAGGERATE everything.

    You people are just making “them” rich
    while they are hurting our children!

    “They” don’t care about you or your children,
    “they” only care about the money!

    Always have, always will!!

    My son is on day 2 with the H1N1 flu,
    I will keep you posted in a couple of days.
    Just like every flu in the past, he’s going
    to ride it out with no medicine(I don’t even
    give him Tylenol or anything), l
    ots of sleep, fluids, and vitamins.

    I’m sure he will be just fine in a few days.

    And for all the people out there who
    immediatley take Tylenol or Motrin to
    get your fever down, you are just going
    to slow down the immune response.

    Fever is part of the immune response,
    that’s part of the body’s defense for
    killing the virus/bacteria.

    Fever means your body is doing what
    it’s supposed to do get rid of the virus.

    If you reduce your fever,
    you are slowing down your immune system,
    hence, you will be sick longer!

    Of course, if it gets too high (104F)
    then yes, you should take something.

    Children obivioiusly should not have too
    high of a fever for too long either.

    But taking fever reducer at the first
    sign of fever is not a good idea.

    If you read this and you or your
    child has the H1N1 flu,
    PLEASE do your homework before
    giving your child Tamiflu!

    Don’t do it just because our wonderful
    government tells you to!
    And remember,
    it’s ALWAYS about the MONEY!!

  6. Well said Tamara,
    I agree with you!

    Is it not odd that all these
    horror stories about Tamiflu –
    NOT ONE OF THEM did i find
    in American media!

    ALL of the Tamiflu side effect stories
    I found on media outlets outside
    of the United States.

    Just enter “TAMIFLU” in the 22moon
    search box in the upper right hand
    corner of the page to read them all.

    The United States media is simply
    a lapdog for the White House and
    special interest groups.

    22MOON will always try to find the
    real truth for you readers.

    Thank You for speaking out Tamara,
    you said it so well and i agree with
    you %100 percent!


  7. Great site;
    I found it searching on Tamiflu in
    Wastewater during one of our
    Justice Day radio shows…

    We are seeking criminal charges
    in the States and Provinces that Mandate Flu Shots;
    we expect that everyone who takes Tamiflu
    will be part of creating newer strain of the virus,
    which will show up in a bird flu for next year!

    Does anyone think that the Tamiflu
    is going to be given an upgrade every year,
    as more viral pandemic strains are “discovered”
    in waterfowl that are exposed to the Tamiflu??

    How about recycling from wastewater plants
    of a drug designed to be recycled??

    If you consider this to be a criminal act
    then we want to hear from you on
    Justice Day Radio at BlogTalk:

    We intend to set up radio blogs
    in every college town and invite legal
    and medical students to join our criminal
    complaint against the drug makers,
    and those who enforce the mandatory protocols.

  8. […] cause more harm than good! Side effects of Tamiflu can be dangerous for children! Tamiflu (Oseltamivir Phosphate) effects worse than Swine Flu […]

  9. Hello, it’s me again. Just wanted to give an update on my son who has H1N1 flu virus. I did NOT give him the Tamiflu. Instead, I went to the Health Food Store and got him some Colloidal Silver, Vitamin C, Echinacea, Wheat Grass pills, and Multivitamins. His fever ended Wednesday (lasted 4 days) but still has a cough which will probably linger a while. Today I just heard about a girl who took the Tamiflu and now she is not able to talk anymore! But of course, that was a “very rare” occurance. Do you REALLY want to take the chance? I took a chance on not giving it to my son and he is going to survive and I’m happy that I did my research before administering this harmful drug. Unless you are an elderly person, or a very young child, or perhaps someone with a surpressed immune system, chances are, your body will successfully attack the virus and you WILL live! Don’t let the media scare you!

  10. I agree with the fact that they have been fear-mongering about the swine flu, but:

    All of the symptoms described are normal symptoms for the flu.
    I have had all of the mentioned symptoms, including hallucinations, this one time when I was really, really sick. We lived out in the middle of nowhere and couldn’t get a ride to see the doctor.
    Maybe it’s possible that your children had a bad reaction to the tamiflu drug, after all, they are probably genetically similar.

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