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Side effects of Tamiflu can be dangerous for children!





GMTV presenter

Andrew Castle:

‘My daughter

almost died after

taking Tamiflu’

August 11th, 2009

The Belefast Telegraph


Health Secretary Andy Burnham

has defended giving swine flu

drug Tamiflu to children as

TV presenter Andrew Castle

said his daughter

“almost died”

after taking it.

Mr Burnham was confronted

by Castle on GMTV after research

cast doubt that the anti-viral

drug’s benefits outweighed

its side-effects.

The presenter said:

“I can tell you that my child –

who was not diagnosed at all –

she had asthma,

she took Tamiflu

and almost died.”

Castle said his daughter,

Georgina, had a

“respiratory collapse” and

“suffered very heavily”

after being “just handed”

the drug without having

been properly diagnosed.

Mr Burnham sympathised

with Castle,

saying it must have been

“very worrying”,

but maintained that advice

to parents to treat swine

flu with Tamiflu

remained unchanged.





_____Andrew Castle with

_____his daughter Georgina,

_____who was prescribed a

_____double dose of Tamiflu

_____because of her asthma



He said Georgina would have

been given Tamiflu during the

earlier “containment” phase

of swine flu.

He stressed that the research

dealt with seasonal flu and

not swine flu, saying:

“It’s very much a

safety-first approach.”

Given that swine flu had a

“disproportionate effect”

on children,

he maintained that Tamiflu

was “our only line of defence”.




Some 300,000 people in England,

including children and adults,

have received courses of Tamiflu

through the Government’s

National Pandemic Flu Service

for England.

But yesterday Oxford University

researchers said children should

not be given the anti-viral drug

to combat swine flu.

They urged the Department of

Health to urgently rethink its

policy on giving the drug to

youngsters affected by the

current flu pandemic.

The study,

published in the British

Medical Journal,

warned that Tamiflu can

cause vomiting in some children,

which can lead to dehydration

and the need for hospital treatment.

The researchers said children

should not be given the drug

if they have a mild form

of the illness,

although they urged parents

and GPs to remain vigilant

for signs of complications.






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