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Emperor Obama: Alinski Agent Destroying America!


The Next

By L.E. Ikenga

August 4th, 2009

American Thinker


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In times like these,

it is tempting to focus
only on the issue at hand.

But if you do,
you do so at
your own peril.

As I watch what is
happening to this
great country,
I find myself just shaking
my head more and more
while thinking,
Mark Twain was
absolutely right:
“history does not
always repeat itself,
but it does often rhyme.”

My Igbo parents came to this
great country from Nigeria.

They arrived a few years after
Nigeria’s independence from
Great Britain.

In Nigeria,
it was a time of unprecedented
cultural and political turmoil,
which allowed politicians very
much like Barack Obama to
continue to seep into Nigeria’s
political system.

These politicians all promised
a change from the past.

And unfortunately,
they ended up
fulfilling their promises.

What these politicians ended
up changing was the very
fabric of the African societies,
which they had been taught
to see as unsophisticated
and inferior.

I call these men,
who appeared all over Africa
in the wake of independence,

They were the direct offspring
of the European Imperialists,
imposing radical European
leftist political theory
on tribal cultures.

ACP’s and their unscrupulous
followers were able to almost
completely destroy many
African cultures.




For the most part,
these ACP’s were
intellectual frauds,
completely unworthy of the
honors bestowed upon them.

But they sounded
and looked good;
so the people listened to them.

With their fancy
Oxbridge degrees,
grandiloquent speeches given
with perfectly accented
“Queen’s English”, finely
tailored European suits,
and fabled family histories,
ACP’s took the masses by storm.

ACP’s convinced their
constituents that they were
as dumb as baboons and did
not have what it took to make
good decisions for themselves
and for the future.

They made Africans feel
embarrassed about their entire
histories and conservative values.

They persuaded Africans to
follow the “European way”
of doing things,
and assured that this blueprint
for progress was one that
could not fail.

The people believed them.

And so, over the course
of many decades,
and by means of the standard
instruments of cultural
indoctrination that included
liberal education,
elite professional career paths,
and new religious and
political paradigms,
Africans began to consume
ideas and theories that
implicitly alienated them
from their own roots.

many of those Africans and
their respective cultures are
well on their way to being
nothing more than topics for
discussion at some freshman
anthropology seminar at
some elite university.


obama with mic jan 18 2008-3


Colonialism in Africa ended
but the ACP remained.

He is now a touchstone in
African political culture —
and so are his imperialist policies.

The ACP will never go away.

He dominates all politics,
all of the time.

His presence is ubiquitous.

He is being cloned by the
thousands everyday at
universities in Africa and in
other parts of the world.

Marxist mentors rear him in
his professional and private life.

he has been taught to see
himself as a benevolent

he is an uncontrollable cancer,
steadily pushing African cultures
to the point of extinction.

This all happened because
African conservatives lost
their way,
took their cultures for granted,
and underestimated the cupidity
of their wanton politicians.

They failed to make adjustments
that would have helped to
preserve their necessary values.

The challenge for any culture
is knowing when and how to
make these adjustments,
because if you do not,
you die.




Africans allowed
themselves to be hoodwinked
by smooth-talking elitist
they are now paying a
very dear price for this.

Politically speaking,
most of Africa is now the
laughingstock of the world
with little to show for all of
the progress that was once
so intensely promised.

In his 1947 essay,
Path to Nigerian Freedom,
Chief Obafemi Awolowo
declared that,

“… the educated elite
in Nigeria were qualified
by natural rights to lead
their fellow nationals
into higher political development.”

Chief Awolowo,
where is that
development now?

It is a very painful thing to
know that something that
you hold dear will soon
cease to exist.

It is even more painful to
know that you are only one
of a small few who can actually
see that it is happening.

This is what I am faced with.

My Igbo heritage,
passed down especially
by my mother,
has become a very
precious thing to me,
particularly because it is
something that will soon
cease to exist.

I am sure that my
children will have to go to
some Museum of Natural
History to know who I was,
and so I continue to fight
to make sure that they
have something to see.

All of this is because my
ancestors did not make the
necessary adjustments.

And most importantly,
they never saw that there
was always a large troupe
of African colonial politicians,
each impatiently waiting in
the wings for the chance to
audition for the role
of a lifetime.

(Obama’s 2004 DNC
speech was an audition.)




The Barack Obamas
of the world helped to kill off
so many cultures throughout
the African continent.

He is now here,
with his Bacchic attendants,
working hard to kill
American culture.

He is killing everything
that this country stands for.

He is doing it under
the guise of altruism.

there is nothing
altruistic about Obama.

what we are witnessing is
the greatest comedy of fateful
errors that the world has seen
in quite some time.

The gods must
be laughing like crazy.




The move towards the
Euro-style imperialist socialism
that has taken over this country
has been a long time coming.

For decades,
oblivious youth have been
indoctrinated at American
universities to sympathize
with far-left values;
the entertainment industry
is filled with leftist blowhards
who wear the mask of intellect;

liberals of all stripes have
become unselfconscious
in mocking (Christian)
religious customs,
and the juggernaut that is
the left-stream media has been
sealing the deal for years,
helping to make this Republic
increasingly vulnerable to
demagoguery and despotism.

During the campaign,
there was a reason why
Obama’s handlers kept telling
him to say,
“We are the ones we
have been waiting for!”
So many are waiting in the
wings for their chance
to audition.

Obama is now the
playing the lead role.

But new faces will come
and take his place when
he is done.

This is why our nation
is under siege with
“all Obama, all the time”.

They want you to focus on
him so that you do not see
what is coming.

As difficult as it may
be to believe,
Obama is probably not the
worst that this far-left faction
will use to win future elections.
____Obama's Magic (Ben Heine) by Ben Heine.
There will be others who
will be more “eloquent”,
more charismatic,
more racially mixed,
more (once) oppressed by
“the man”…




In closing,
I offer a wish list.

If I could go back in time
and meet some of my ancestors,
here are a few things that I
would tell them to watch out
for and consider.

And to my fellow
American Conservatives,
here are a few things to
help us avoid the next Obama:

Brand name
market academics:
the killers of common sense

I cannot emphasize enough
how these types of people
continue to destroy cultures
throughout the world.

I have seen it happen;
I am seeing it happen.

Most of their ideas are based
on book theories and not reality.

They cannot relate
to everyday people.

Bottom line:
if someone needs to tell you
where they went to school
in order to explain why they
voted a certain way,
change the subject,
or better yet,
if you can,
just walk away.

Spread your message,
especially to the young.




One of the biggest mistakes
that many Igbos continue to
make is not teaching their kids
about their ancestry and culture.

In the West especially,
some of those kids do not
speak the language,
understand any of the traditions,
nor do they have the desire to
visit the land of their forefathers.

By default,
these children have
become Igbos in name only.

A person without knowledge
of their history and culture is
like a tree without roots-
a shell of a thing that can
be easily blown away.

irreverence towards one’s
culture and history is always
part of a tradition that is
passed down from one
generation to the next.

Be the one to put an
end to this tradition.




In praise of patriarchs

The whole truth,
not half of it.

The Igbos are a
patriarchal people,
and I grew up listening to
fantastic tales of how my
great forefathers lived
impeccable lives.

I understand why this was
necessary but some of those
tales just bordered
on the absurd.

I might as well have been
reading the Aeneid.

Patriarchs are people,
and it is equally important
that we learn from their
successes AND their failures.

Avoiding talk of their failures
leads to a loss of trust from
those who really want to learn.

The reality is that many Igbo
patriarchs made crucial mistakes,
which allowed the Imperialists
to gain access and power;
this must be acknowledged.

The American Founders
achieved tremendous goals.

The United States Constitution
is the Crown Jewel
of Western civilization.

The Founders paved the way
for liberty and justice for all;
this was no small feat.

But mistakes were still made,
and the legacy of some of those
mistakes still haunt us today.

Telling the whole truth is
what sets people free.



Intellectual integrity

The Imperialists
let the genie out.
It is now up to you to put
it back in the bottle.

The Igbos allowed many things
to be redefined for them by
Imperialists who then took
these new definitions and
ran with them in order to
make the Africans feel inferior.

One of my favorites is how
the Imperialists began calling
African medicinal herbalists, “witchdoctors”.

(I always crack up
when I hear this word!)




Something similar is starting
to happen with the word racism.

The far-lefties are now using
this word willy-nilly to defame
innocent people.

in my opinion,
is something very specific:
an assault — of any kind —
that attacks the humanity
of a specific ethnic group.

A racist is someone who
believes in and sees the good
in these attacks.

And then there is bigotry;
and there are bigots.

By thoughtlessly throwing
around the word racism we
truly dishonor the memory
of those who,
throughout human history,
actually went through
the real thing.

Imperialists and
their liberal offspring,
have no real intellectual integrity.

They will stoop to any low
to get their message across.

Do not let these fools tell
you what is and what isn’t.




African Colonial Politicians
and Black Liberationist
Best Friends Forever

This point is more for
future African and
American generations.

ACP’s and BLP’s go together
like peanut butter & jelly.

Black Liberation Theology
(and all of its strange offshoots)
is wreaking havoc in Africa and
it will soon do the same here.
The pastor and politician
work like a tag-team to rob
people of their dignity,
culture, and political capital.

Both teach their congregants/
constituents to wear their
(imagined) victim status like
a badge of honor.

By using all sorts of hocus-pocus
and mumbo-jumbo techniques,
they exact votes, cash,
and “AMENS!” from lost and
impressionable people.

The less of a real history
that people have to “cling to”
the more they will seek these soothsayer/snake oil sales
people out.

Countries like Nigeria most
definitely have what I call a
“pastor problem”,
and it looks like America is
starting to have one too.

As many have already figured out,
the Obama-Wright relationship
was no chance coincidence.

Despite the Showtime at the
Apollo theatrics in which they
engaged the nation during
the election,
right now,
both are laughing all
the way to the bank.

Chukwu duwe anyi
(May God be with us).


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