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Giraffes enjoy daily breakfast with family in Kenya!

Giraffe joins

family for


July 23rd, 2009


In many ways,

the setting is just a

typical family breakfast.

Young children and their

mother enjoy croissants and

orange juice while sitting

around a table together.

But things become a little

different when you notice a

giraffe poking its head through

the window to join them for a

drink and a bite to eat.

In fact,

the Carr-Hartley family have

the unusual distinction of sharing

their home with eight

Rothschild giraffes,

some of the rarest on the planet.


In the shadow of Kenya’s

Mount Kilimanjaro,

the world’s tallest animals are

free to roam their 140-acre

estate and are regular visitors

at their English-style manor

built in the colonial era.

Every day shortly before 9am,

the mammoth beasts stroll up

to the house and poke their

heads through the windows

and doors in search

of morning treats.

Married owners Tanya and

Mikey Carr-Hartley literally

share their dining table

with them.

And now the pair are sharing

the mesmerising experience

with the outside world –

by opening the manor gates

to guests at the world’s

only giraffe hotel.

Mr and Mrs Carr-Hartley,

both 38,

spent their childhood living

close to the house in Nairobi

and have both always been

fascinated with the

graceful giants.

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