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Human Trafficking нелегально торговать человек the global business of evil!

Stop Human Trafficking

Two young girls

sold into slavery

for $2000 dollars

July 8th, 2009



Two 22-year-old girls

from Uzbekistan and

Kyrgyzstan who have

been “prepared” to

become prostitutes are

now released from slavery

in the Russian city

of Novosibirsk.

According to the police the

criminals were going to sell

two 22-year-old girls

on July 2.

And the most disturbing fact

was that the human trafficking

was taking place not somewhere

on the outskirts of the city,

but in the centre of it,

not far from the Karl Marx

metro station.

“At about 7 p.m. a woman

from Uzbekistan sold another

woman from her country

together with a woman from

Kyrgyzstan for

2 thousand dollars.”


“The criminals wanted to sell

the girls into slavery

as prostitutes.

However the crime was

prevented by the Siberian

Federal police workers,”

says Marina Kinzhalova,

the senior media relations

assistant of Novosibirsk

investigation committee.


Police officers acted as clients

who wanted to buy the girls.

They paid the whole

sum to the criminals.

After the money was handed

to the woman she was

immediately arrested.

According to the Russian laws

the woman may face about

10 years in prison.

Pravda.Ru has recently

published an article about

human trafficking

and sex slavery.

About 12.3 million people

have to work as slaves in

the world today.

Private companies use the

labor of 9.8 million people

from this number;

over 12.4 million people

are sold to slavery works.

About 2.5 million more

people are forced to work

as slaves on account of

the pressure from the state

or from armed rebel groups,

a report from the International

Labor Organization said.

The annual global profit

from the use of coercive

works exceeds $30 billion.

As experience shows,

exploiters remain unpunished.


According to statistics data

from the above-mentioned


the state and armed forces

use about 20 percent of

work captives.

The remaining part works

for a variety of business


which can be quite specific

business indeed.


About eleven percent of

modern slaves are involved

in prostitution and other

fields of sex industry.

Sixty-four percent of enslaved

workers work in traditional

and quite legal industrial




agriculture, etc.


It is almost impossible to

formulate the activity of

the remaining five percent

of modern slaves.

Slavery or coercive labor

is currently used on all

continents of the globe,

in almost all countries,

regardless of their

economic grounds.

Specialists distinguish traditional

forms of coercive works,

presumably in South Asia,

Latin America and West Africa,

where people often become

slaves because of their debts.

The state can also use slavery

in its political and economic

needs nowadays.

Forced labor becomes a

part of present-day reality

for many immigrants.

___Zambia, human trafficking poster by mvcorks.



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