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Michael Jackson was not the first black person on MTV!





Stop I’ve

Had Enough–

Michael Jackson

Didn’t Invent MTV


By Geppetto Jones



nobody has gone that far yet.

But can we please drop this

ridiculous fiction that

Michael Jackson was the

first Black artist on MTV.

Somehow in all of these

tributes and hastily produced


The King of Pop is being hailed

as the Jackie Robinson of the

music video era.


Its bad enough that the

media is doing it

(MSNBC, Wolf Blitzer, etc).

But to have artists like

WIll.i.am repeating

this drivel is insane.

This is what USA Today

printed in its Jackson obituary:

Will.i.am, who this year

produced three remixes on

the celebratory reissue

Thriller 25, explained:

“It was the  first time a

black dude was on MTV.

It was the first time you saw

things that were happening

in the ghettos and kids in the

suburbs were copying it.

It was like Broadway

fused with street performance

and his wardrobe was fly.

He made it possible to be

yourself and be free and

just do you.

Was Michael Jackson

a huge crossover artist?


Did he practically reinvent

the music video and give us

linear storytelling as opposed

to rehashed concert footage

and avant garde film

school douchebag footage?


But stop repeating the lie…

Jackson was not the first

Black person on MTV.




Jet magazine pointed out before

the landmark Billie Jean

video hit MTV’s airwaves

in March 2003:

Eddy Grant,

Musical Youth

and Joan Armatrading

were some of the Black

artists from that country

(United Kingdom) whose

videos were shown during

MTV’s inception.

Tina Turner,

Jon Butcher Axis,

The Bus Boys

and Donna Summer were

some of the other Black artists

whose videos were shown

because their music fit the format.

And then there was that guy

from Minneapolis who played
the bad boy Mick Jagger to
Jackson’s squeaky clean
Paul McCartney–

He had “rock” videos on MTV.

Everybody knows
Little Red Corvette,
1999, etc.

Look further down the page…
the Pointer Sisters were on
MTV before Michael Jackson!



Comment submitted

to 22MOON July 7th.-


By King – Of – Stop

I commend Liz and other

true friends of MJ and

the family who had enough

dignity to avoid attending

the service today.

I felt disgust after seeing it,

as the family (led by Poppa Joe)

will continue to milk MJ’s

passing and his kids’ “plight”

for as much $$$ as they can,


I may be in the minority here,

but I thought the coverage of

MJ’s death was excessive to

begin with.

Having his death coincide

with Farrah Fawcett’s passing,

and then Billy Mays’ a few days

later was bad timing,

and while they weren’t

even close to MJ’s league,

I thought he should have

been given the same amount

of coverage that theirs did.

At least the tributes given

to KIA soldiers at the end

of newscasts are dignified.

Nothing needs to be said.

I’m not trivializing MJ’s ability

to entertain or impact as

an artist,

but the memorial performances

were simply awful and


especially Usher’s and Mariah’s.

The whole event could have

summed up with a 5-second

sound byte from his daughter Paris.

To paraphrase her,

“MJ will be deeply missed.”

It would have made more

sense for the family and

a number of close friends

to have a more private

(i.e non-televised) service.

A benefit concert should have

been held a few weeks later,

in which all of his

“professional acquaintances,

friends and collaborators could

pay tribute to him in an

upbeat fashion.

Given the nature of

the business, however,

I’m sure we’ll see more

“tribute” specials and


whose proceeds go to feed

the egos of record producers

and self-proclaimed “friends.”


for saying that,

King – Of – Stop,

I agree %100 percent.




18 Responses to “Michael Jackson was not the first black person on MTV!”

  1. i wish that you would leave him alone the man is dead .
    thank god for the fact that michael left behind some wonderful and talented childreni believe that he made it better for blacks and whites to come together as a family if you had enough of michael jackson well you must understand that i was his no#1 fan and nothing can change that

  2. Are you black?
    then why are you, in a typical hatred having fashion, trying to enlighten the world.
    what does it matter if michael was the first black to you,

    It seems to me that it really doesn’t matter who was first as long as it wasn’t mj. you don’t want to really bring clarity to the situation you only want to try and detract from someone who you obviously have a bias towards anyway.

    now all the preceding artist of african descent were all good but they were more embraced by the white culture, much more than the african american culture. the busboys please, the point was not the skin color but the musical genre. mj was the first african american artist who was known for traditional african american musical roots to be played on mtv. now if you can’t say that there is a distinctive difference in musical styles of say tracy chapmon and jill scott.

    if you were a predominantly white station if you were looking to crosss over who would you play first. you think rap is on mtv and because the executives like it.. i think not..

    • Please refrain from using the word white.
      We are European American’s.

      • Well…. I don’t like being called Hispanic American!
        I am just American, if you need to classify me then try brown American =)

        In other words you’re a (white) American
        Michael Jackson was a (black) American

        Classifying race just leads to problems..

  3. you fool!!
    mtv said it themselves that he was the first black artist to be play.
    rick james tried to be on mtv but was rejected because his music wasn’t rock enough.
    if it really was prince then they would’ve said it was prince.
    michael paved the way for blacks to be on television.

    • It was Prince.

      The whole idea that MTV had an issue with
      Black artists merely because they were Black
      is a myth.

      The reason MTv didn’t play most Black artists
      was because most Black artsits were R &
      B and MTV was a Rock station,
      music was extremely divded
      along genre lines at this time.

      Since Prince conformed to the Rock motif he was played.

      You have to keep in mind
      when you have this debate that you
      are also debating people that were
      around at the time.

      If you look very carefully at
      THE RESPONSIBLE bios on jackson they
      will tell you that jackson was not the
      first Black artist on MTV period,
      but the first Black artist to receive

  4. I also don’t like the use of the word black,
    even though I’m not African American…

    But I absolutely agree that all MJ was the first,
    is false…
    and that everyobody’s sayin it just because
    he’s more famous than Prince.

    Dear MJ fans,
    Prince was the first,
    live with that!

  5. well im an mj fan

    but i seriously doubt he was the first

    i mean they started to play tina tuner,
    donna summer and edie grant before mj

    prince may have been the fist on
    heavy rotation and its fine with me.

    i think people just say that because it
    was probably the most requested,
    and the fact that he had the best selling album.

    and maybe cause prince looks kinda white to me…

  6. Gotta love this post.

    Can’t but help remind me of my
    fave rapper Mickey Factz who’s lyrics
    is always poppin off!

  7. I’m sick of people giving michael jackson credit
    for stuff he did not do i.e. the moonwalk
    (saw it on soul train and copied),
    not first black on MTV,
    not first Elisabeth Taylor
    (we already had one),
    what he was first at was the first pedophile
    to have free rien to molest with the public
    and legal system giving him the go ahead.

    • After Michael died everyone
      was his best friend suddenly –
      what a bunch of phonies.

      If someone without talent
      did one tenth of what Michael
      may have done with children
      they would have been locked
      up under the jail.

      (Which would have saved
      Michael’s life)

      What excuse do the adults have
      who were around Michael when
      he was passing out ‘Jesus Juice”
      to kids and having sleepovers?

      Why did so many adults give
      Michael a free pass for bad behavior?

      Remember that Michael joke
      that disappeared after
      Michael died?

      Why did Michael Jackson
      start shopping at Wal-Mart?

      He read in the paper
      that little boy’s pants
      were half off.

  8. Get A Life!!!

    Michael Jackson did break barrier
    and was the first black person to
    have the video THRILLER to be play on mtv.

    Do your damn homework and grow up.

    If you don’t like MJ that’s fine
    but don’t go around bringing false claims
    Michael Jackson is first not Prince not Musical Youth,
    Not Rick James and not Tina Turner.

    Deal and accept the fact the MJ made history
    and for the love of God have some respect for the dead.

    If you have nothing the positive
    to say then shut the fuck up.

    And keep your ignorance to yourself.

    And don’t try to argue with me
    because I’m going to win.

    I know alot more about MJ
    than your little so called lame
    article you have wrote.

    Bill O’Reilly, Diane Dimond,
    Tom Sneddon, Dr. Klein,
    Joy Behar from the view,
    those geeks from Fox News,
    these so called MJ best friends
    and the rest of you MJ haters
    including the one been trashing him
    by making these comments if you
    have nothing positive to say you can
    stick it and go to hell…
    Same goes for Dr. Deepok &
    Quincy Jones.
    Same Difference!!!!!

  9. MJ was awesome, but I think even he would be a little ashamed of how people are giving him more credit than even HE knows he deserves. Besides, he wasn’t black-lol.


  11. I do not recall MTV as being anti-black. I was about 10yr in 1984. I recall Donna Summers She works hard for the money. Irene Cara with her fame and flashdance stuff. Pointer Sisters. Kool And The Gang. New Edition. Lionel Richie. ETC. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cw6xesXLIAA Also, now way there was a black VJ in the pilot?

  12. I love mike with all my heart, but he wasn’t the first black artist but he was the first to break barriers, set records and be in heavy rotation. once he came out with billie jean, ppl of all races loved it and he was even more requested than most of the rock videos. I was born in 1980, and in was 4 in 84, but then lots of black videos we going on, but none were so widely received, and had crossed over to all audiences like him. its nothing to get mad about, for those of us who are old enough. we know the real, so please stop arguing… it isn’t necessary!! 🙂

  13. i dont remember those other artist but michael jackson i remebered the 1st black where are the other artist you named if they only made 1 song no wonder every body thinks michael was the 1st

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