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Sarah Palin could beat Obama – but only in a fair race









By Foon Rhee

July 1st, 2009


During the lazy

summer doldrums,

this would certainly

be must-watch TV:

a Superstars-style athletics

competition between

President Obama and

former GOP vice

presidential nominee

Sarah Palin.

The Alaska governor

started the verbal

jousting this week,

bragging that she could

beat the commander-in-chief

in a running race,

especially on her home turf.

“I betcha I’d

have more endurance,”

the avid runner said in

an interview that Runner’s

World magazine posted

on its website Tuesday.

“My one claim to fame

in my own little internal

running circle is a sub-four


It wasn’t necessarily a

good running time,

but it proves I have the

endurance within me to

at least gut it out and

that is something.

If you ever talk to

my old coaches,

they’d tell you, too.

What I lacked in

physical strength or skill

I made up for in determination

and endurance.

So if it were a long race that

required a lot of endurance,

I’d win.”

Asked whether Obama

would lace up his sneakers

and take on that challenge,

White House spokesman

Robert Gibbs replied today,

“That’s an interesting


I guess it depends on where

they were going to run.

Maybe there’s a terrain

advantage in a place like


But I will certainly ask him

if he’s got any free time in

his summer to do that.”


Gibbs was apparently

speaking in jest.

Or was he?

He also threw in

a bit of a challenge, himself,

with the president’s

favorite sport — basketball.

“How’s her jump shot?”

he asked.

Palin, a high school point

guard who got the nickname

“Barracuda” for her

aggressive play,

anticipated that in

her interview.

“People have asked if

I’d ever challenge him

to one-on-one because

we both love basketball,”

she said.

“But look,

he towers over me and

I wouldn’t be complaining

about an unfair advantage


but maybe I’d do better

playing H-O-R-S-E with

him than one-on-one.”




Sarah Palin

ready to compete

with her toned

fit mind

and muscles!

TelePrompTer by Badtz Maru.

Barack Obama

ready to compete

with his toned

fit teleprompter

and his Lapdog


the ACORN Mafia,

the Hollywood Left,

and the Socialist

Democratic Party

to help him win

by knocking Sarah

out of the race long

before the finish line

so Berry wins

by default.



_Obama & Acorn by newbreen.




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  1. Article didn`t real say how Palin could win.
    Just regurgitated some anti-Obama stuff.

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