You can see the whole Earth from the Moon!

Liberals, Democrats, and Obama are scared of Governor Sarah Palin!


Why are Liberals

and Democrats

so afraid of

Governor Sarah Palin?

If Ms. Palin is so dumb and

so unfit to be President,

why is the Liberal Left on a

non stop smear campaign

against her?


(I can’t think or speak

without a teleprompter)


should be able to beat her

hands down when he runs

for President in 2012,

if Palin is such

a hick hayseed.

Obama and

the Hollywood Left,

the Obama Lapdog Media,

and the Obama


are scared to death

of Sarah Palin –

why is that I wonder?

Sarah Palin can think

with a brain,

not a teleprompter –

the Liberal Left

fears free thinkers.


everyone try to attend one,

so the Media can call you

hayseed hick racists and


(which is GAY BASHING) –

MSNBC’s classy response

to people who disagree

with their brainwashing


When a Liberal starts to

lose in a war of words,

they resort to name calling

and insults because they

have no brain power to

win with logic.

Rash Manly




4 Responses to “Liberals, Democrats, and Obama are scared of Governor Sarah Palin!”

  1. the Deimos are afraid of Sara and Rush because they are intelligent. and are not afraid to speak the truth . the big trouble is that the public in large are so out of touch with whats going on and have been brain washed they fall for the lies and promises thrown at them they are like the blind following the blind .

  2. but now, Obama has won the election.. right?

  3. You are correct –
    Barack Obama won.

  4. hang in there SARAH

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