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Kevin Jonas proposes on bended knee!


Eldest of Jonas Brothers

to shed purity ring

May 2nd, 2009


Kevin Jonas,

the eldest member

of the teen heartthrobs

the Jonas Brothers,

and his girlfriend

Danielle Deleasa were

engaged on Wednesday.


The 21-year-old pop star

popped the question after

taking an overnight flight

from a concert in Vancouver,

and showing up at her

doorstep in New Jersey,

on his knee

with ring in hand.


Danielle Deleasa,

a 22-year-old former

hairdresser who Jonas

met two years ago

in the Bahamas,

quickly said yes

to his proposal.

Jonas brothers by netmen..

Kevin may soon be able

to shed his purity ring.

jonas brothers on trl by iloveenickjonas.

His younger brothers,

19-year-old Joe

and 16-year-old Nick,

are still on the market.

All prominently

wear purity rings,

symbolizing their promise

to refrain from sex

until marriage.


jonas brothers by joejonasluver11.





2 Responses to “Kevin Jonas proposes on bended knee!”

  1. omfg i think that is so cute.
    i think kevin is grown up and can make decisions on his own and im behind them all the way no matter what they are.

    that goes for the other 3 jo bros as well.
    and as for the other 3 being on the market i think ill grab nick b4 hes sold lol and i promise never to break ur aiky breaky heart.lol

  2. It’s really is sweet for kevin to be
    engage by his long time girlfriend…
    but how about the other jobros when
    will they ever find the girl they”re looking for…
    hope they’ll also find someone to be
    with just like they’re older brother kevin……
    for the other jobros gud luck finding your
    true love that’ll make you happy….

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