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Obama leaps into action to defend the dictator of Honduras!


Obama’s True
Colors Shine
In Honduras

By Kyle-Anne Shiver

July 1st, 2009


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President Obama squirmed and weaseled his words with the Iranian Mullahs and their puppet-tyrant, Ahmadinejad, not wanting to be seen as meddling in a tyrannical theocracy, known throughout the world as beneath-contempt oppressors of every human right under the sun.

No, no, no, it just wouldn’t do to publicly lend support to all those moderate, freedom-loving throngs of Iranians taking to the streets, risking life and limb for more liberty.

Not until the Iranians killed demonstrators on camera, the pictures went round the world, and criticism of himself mounted at home, did this President put his hands on his hips and use the words, “appalled” and “outraged.”

And the words that quickly came to my own mind as Obama gave this tiny, petulant nod to liberty:
“Wimp in Chief.”

This week, the Honduran socialist president, seeking to eviscerate his country’s constitution in a shameless power-grab, has evoked Obama’s true colors, and spread them out like yellow underwear on a backyard clothesline.

Obama’s response to the Honduran military removing a dictator-wannabe from office (at the behest, it must be noted, of the Supreme Court and the Honduran Congress), and escorting him to the border, was sure and fast.

He declared the military action an “illegal coup” faster than you can say Fidel Castro.

And just as quickly the rest of the region’s socialist gang chimed in too.

The real Castro brothers.

Hugo Chavez.

Daniel Ortega.

Birds of a feather do

tend to flock together.


Bullies, of all stripes, don’t you know, are really just cowards at heart — yellow down to their measly cores — which is why they must cling together in gangs and collectives.

They haven’t the courage or fortitude for independence.

Neither do they support individual liberties or constitutions that interfere with their quest for power.

Such is the obvious case with the now-exiled Honduran ex-president, the man our President has backed quickly, forthrightly, and with sharp, meddling tones.

It has come to light, too, that even before the Hondurans moved to protect their still-fledgling democracy and young constitution, the Obama Administration made behind-the-scenes, veiled threats in support of the Chavez-aligned Zelaya.

Of course, as was to be expected, the OAS has given its full backing to the now-exiled socialist.

The OAS has, for years now, been on a leftist tack and clearly do not want one of their own kind stopped in his tracks.

Especially not now, when leaders — even our own President — have paved the way for Castro’s readmission and Chavez is on a tear in Venezuela.


For even more evidence that the international socialist collective is still alive and well, I turned to the Communist Party USA, to check out their response to the Honduran situation.

And, there it is in ignoble glory.

The Communist Party USA is in agreement with President Obama and even has some of the same demands of the Honduran people:

  • Demands that president Zelaya and other members of his government be returned to power immediately, and that the troops return to their barracks.

  • Recognizes that the Obama administration has repudiated the coup, and insists that President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton hold firm to this position, refusing diplomatic recognition and any military aid to Honduras until President Zelaya is restored to power.

  • Calls upon unions and other people’s organizations in the United States to actively support our brothers and sisters in Honduras in resisting this brutal military coup d’etat.

Now would be an awfully good time, I think, to remember the alliances struck in the past few years between Chavez and Ahmadinejad.

Last July, Bloomberg reported on the growing partnership between the two OPEC member states, Venezuela and Iran:

Chavez is a vocal supporter of Iran’s nuclear program, which is under United Nations sanctions because of fear among the U.S. and its allies that it may be used to build atomic weapons.

Iran and Venezuela are to sign some 20 agreements in various fields during Chavez’s visit to Iran, according to the official news agency IRNA.

Chavez’s visit to the Islamic republic is the third since Ahmadinejad won the presidency in 2005, Iran’s local media reported.


Chavez, the socialist, and Ahmadinejad, the IslamoFascist, have become quite chummy.

Chavez has threatened military action against the Hondurans to restore his pal, Zelaya, to power.

Obama had to be pressured at home before he became “appalled” at the Iranian crackdown, but quickly came to the side of Chavez in the Honduran dispute.

There seems to be a pattern here.

We now have had six months to observe the actions and words of President Obama in relations with foreign countries.

Here’s a brief recap:

  • Obama dispatched Secretary of State Clinton to communist China very early on to reassure them that human rights considerations would not get in the way of our trade with them.

  • Obama made his American apology tour across Europe, pausing only to bow before the Saudi King.

  • Obama gave his suck-up-to-Islam speech in Cairo, being sure to credit Muslims with historical achievements purely made up from whole cloth, using the Muslim-only greeting of respect, and repeating the phrase “holy Koran” at every opportunity.

  • Obama was as slow on the draw as conceivably possible to vocally condemn the brutish actions of the Iranian Mullahcracy against its citizens clamoring for freedoms and human rights.

  • Obama continues to insist that negotiations with the Iranian regime are still on the table.

  • Obama is quick on the draw to side with the world’s socialist dictators against the defense of democracy taking place now in Honduras.


President Barack Obama’s true self has been revealed in vivid Technicolor throughout the past six months.

He has aligned himself with bullies and tyrants around the globe, both IslamoFascists and members of the international socialist collective.

Despite their theoretical differences, these regimes share one glaring, common belief:

America is responsible for all the suffering and injustice throughout the world.

_Apocalypse Now Movie Poster Parody by maksim maksimovich.

This overriding disgust with America holds together these disparate, radical regimes.

As David Horowitz summarized in Unholy Alliance:

“Radicalism is a cause whose utopian agendas result in an ethic where the ends outweigh and ultimately justify any means.

Like the Salvationist agendas of jihad, the Left’s apocalyptic goal of ‘social justice’ is the equivalent of an earthly redemption.

A planet saved, a world without poverty, racism, inequality, or war — what means would not be justified to achieve such millennial ends?”


Two disparate forces –

IslamoFascism and Socialism —

seemingly united on a tyrannical bent against freedom, against democracy and human rights, have formed a flank against America.

And upon whose side does our own President stand?

An American president aligned in spirit with our sworn enemies?

Is it possible?

It would appear so.


Kyle-Anne Shiver is a

frequent contributor to

American Thinker.

She welcomes your

comments at


2 Responses to “Obama leaps into action to defend the dictator of Honduras!”

  1. I could not agree more that just like Iraq with Saddam and Hitler with Germany ; America has been hijacked by thugs with Obama and his crew .

  2. I’m from Honduras and I’ve witnessed many of Mr.Zelaya’s acts and we’re shocked that no one in the world is willing to listen to our interim goverment as regards to our side of the story and why they are trying to put this obvious Chavez puppet in power.
    What went on in Honduras was the equivalent of an Impeachment here in the U.S. granted many are asking why was he taken at gun point from his house, ok the reason is that he wasn’t listening to anyone and was doing what he wanted, he was told to stop, he didn’t care, no matter what anyone would try to do or say he was gonna do what he had to do.
    ok because if he would’ve been, Chaos would have erupted like the one at the airport yesterday resulting in more than 1 dead, that I can guarantee.
    Here’s a comment that I found which describes the situation very clearly from an American citizen currently living in Honduras.

    The following comment was written by Daniel Dyer in the Wall Street Journal

    I am an American that has lived in Honduras since 1977.
    I have seen this country when it was run by the military.
    I saw it form the constitution on which it currently stands.
    I saw the civilian police force be reformed and watch the judicial system grow and come into its own.
    I have watched the maturing of Honduras into a grounded solid representational democracy.

    Venezuela and Ecuador are run by left wing dictators.
    Venezuela in particular was supporting a move by the president of Honduras to basically take over the country.
    This has resulted in a crisis pitting the executive branch against the congress and the Supreme Court.
    The president was attempting to place himself in a position where by he could force a rewriting of the constitution to remove the clause on term limits there by allowing him to remain in office indefinitely.
    The illegal move toward the “cuarta urna” had created massive unrest across the country and Honduras was heading toward a confrontation which puts at risk the representational democracy on which this country stands.

    Contrary to news reports this was neither military coup nor conspiracy.
    This was two branches of government (Supreme Court and Congress) moving to oust a president that was abusing his power and flaunting the law.
    Honduras correctly identified the president’s actions as an overt, aggressive and illegal attempt to install a Chavez style dictatorship in Honduras and rejected that attempt in a lawful constitutional manner that resulted in the president’s removal from office.
    The president of Honduras is a democratically elected official but so also is the congress and the Supreme Court.
    The division of powers in a representational democracy exists precisely so that one of the branches will not be allowed to abuse power and also allows for the removal of that representative if the law is broken.
    This is what has happened to president Zelaya.
    Hugo Chavez is an ego maniac that has attempted to spread his socialist/dictatorship philosophy to many countries.
    He thought that he had obtained a foothold in Central America by way of Honduras.
    He was wrong.

    The events of the last few weeks have shown me that my faith in Honduras and its people is not in vain.
    Honduras, you should be very proud of yourselves.

    Now why would Premier Obama allow this?
    We are trying very hard not to be under Chavez control and seeing the OAS and The UN’s reacting it’s become quite clear that they are now influenced by him as well.

    And again he was extradited for his own safety as well as ours.
    Just look at what happened yesterday when he attempted to return.

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