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Michael Jackson’s former nanny Grace Rwaramba reveals disturbing secrets!

Give Me

The Money!

By Amanda Evans &
Carole Aye Maung

June 28th, 2009

News of The World


JACKO’S nanny told how

she was stunned by his

family’s money-grabbing

reaction to the star’s death.


Nanny Grace

Grace Rwaramba,

the woman closest to

Jackson and his three


was in London when

news of the tragedy

broke on Thursday.

As she prepared to board a

plane to fly home and comfort

the orphaned kids Grace got

the call from one of the

Jackson family which

shocked her to the core.

She told interviewer

Daphne Barak:

“The relative said,

‘Grace, you remember

Michael used to hide

cash at the house?

I’m here.

Where can it be?’

“I told them to look in

the garbage bags and

under the carpets.

But can you believe that?

They just lost Michael a

few hours ago and already

one of them is calling me

to know where the money is!”

“They also told me the

children were crying

and asking about me.

They can’t believe

their father died.”

This is the first

time Grace, 42,

has broken her silence on

her 17 years with Jackson –

five as his secretary

and 12 as nanny.

In candid conversations

she revealed sensational

details of the pop king’s

secret life, how he:

  • DOWNED so many drugs
  • she had to pump his stomach
  • on many occasions to prevent
  • a fatal overdose.

  • SPONGED off generous
  • pals’ handouts and loans.

  • SPENT weeks living in
  • the basement of a former
  • employee’s cramped home
  • recently because he
  • was BROKE.

  • TERRIFIED his children
  • who actually HATED the
  • masks he forced them
  • to wear in public.

Choking back tears,

Grace spelled out her fears

over the orphaned kids –

Prince, 12, Paris, 11 and


Prince Michael II,

known to the family

as Blanket – and admitted:

“I’m really distraught for them.

Michael hadn’t been eating

and the kids have been

so scared for him.

“Now the youngest

has been saying,

‘Why Daddy?

God should have

taken me not him.’ “

Uganda-born Grace, 42,

revealed she fled America

to join TV interviewer Barak

at her Swiss holiday home

after she was abruptly sacked

by ailing Jackson just

two months ago.


And on Thursday she

screamed with shock as

she learned of his death.

Grace now finds herself at

the centre of the billion-pound

custody battle for the children –

now being looked after

by Jacko’s mum Katherine, 79.

The eldest two were born to

Jackson’s second wife,

former nurse Debbie Rowe.

Grace told Daphne:

“I took these babies in my

arms on the first day of each

of their lives.

They are MY babies.

Grace claims she was sacked

by Jackson because she was

getting too close to the

children but had fully expected

to be reinstated soon.


She said he routinely fired

her then begged her to return

as he was unable to look after

himself never mind the

three children.


She told Daphne:

“These poor babies. . .

I was getting phone calls

that they were being neglected.

Nobody was cleaning the

rooms because Michael didn’t

pay the housekeeper.

“I was getting calls telling

me Michael was in such

a bad shape.

He wasn’t clean.

He hadn’t shaved.

He wasn’t eating well.

I used to do all this for

him and they were trying

to get me to go back.”

Grace claimed that while

she gave the children a

loving and stable

influence they had a cold,

uneasy and sterile relationship

with their oddball father,

with whom she was at the

centre of marriage rumours

in 2006.

She said:

“I used to hug and

laugh with them.

But when Michael was

around they froze.

I really miss Blanket.

He makes me laugh.

Only recently,

he decided to do a

concert for me.

He was so cute,

singing Billy Jean and other

songs by his father.

“I was laughing so hard.

Prince and Paris

were playing around.

It was such a happy moment.

Then suddenly Michael

walked in and the kids

just looked frightened.

Michael was so angry.”


As for the masks Jacko

made the kids wear in public,

Grace revealed:

“They didn’t like them.

It wasn’t my idea.

I hated it as well.

So whenever I had a chance

I misplaced the masks or

‘forgot’ to pack them.

“Michael always got angry.

But what was most shocking

to me is that the children

don’t even have a teacher.

They can’t play with other

children and don’t have a

teacher to help them learn

about the world.”

Grace also said Jackson

had permitted the black

religious movement the

Nation of Islam to exert an

influence over him and

his children.

She said:

“He allowed this woman

from the Nation of Islam…

she was so cold and didn’t

know how to hold them

or how to hug them.”

Last night Jacko’s close

pal Deepak Chopra confirmed:

“The kids love Grace and

kids called her mum.

And she was the only person

that told Michael the truth

about his life.”

Grace also revealed to Barak –

who has interviewed Robert

Mugabe and Amy Winehouse –

how Jackson had overdosed

on drugs before.

She had to step in

quickly to save his life.

Jacko was taking a deadly

daily drug cocktail including

up to three powerful

narcotic pain relievers,

including the potent Demerol.

Grace said:

“I had to pump Michael’s

stomach out many times.”

The nanny told how the

2005 child abuse case left

Jackson with so little money

he relied entirely on handouts

and cash loans from friends.

Astonishingly she told Barak,

who had recorded a series

of TV inteviews with her,

that even when he DID

get money he preferred to

blow it staying in strings

of posh hotels rather than

providing a stable home.

She said:

“The truth is Michael

didn’t have money.

One day out of the blue

he received some cash

but instead of buying a

house somewhere so we

didn’t have to keep moving

from one hotel to another

or stay with friends,

he told me,

‘Go to Florence

and buy antiques.’

“He asked me

to spend £600,000.

But we didn’t even have

a home so we had to put

them all into storage.”

Grace told how Jacko had

so little understanding of

financial matters that cash

had to be paid into HER

bank account,

then drawn out and given

to him like pocket money.

She said that after the 2005

child abuse case he was

left skint and his brother

Jermaine “connected him”

to Sheikh Abdullah,

son of the mega-wealthy

King of Bahrain.

She said Abdullah “sponsored”

Jackson –

paying for lawyers and

other huge expenses –

because he thought the

singer was going to create a

charity and make a CD with him.

Grace said:

“Abdullah called me one

day and asked for my bank

account to send money

for Michael.

It was just over £600,000,

then another £21,000.

Other Jackson relatives

needed money too.

So Michael told me to give

them my ATM card.

They were taking cash out

of the machine every day.”

Grace said that after Abdullah

later sued Jacko, the singer

at first denied ever getting

money from him.

And the cash machine withdrawals

by his relatives only stopped

when she threatened to report

them to the IRS, the US

tax authorities.


But she added:

“Michael just did not have

a clue about have money.

The Nation of Islam was

telling him that the house

we had in Los Angeles,

after Neverland was sold,

cost £60,750 a month.”

“But I checked with many

real estate agencies.

To rent this house should

not have cost more than


“And once he got a £600,000

offer to make an appearance

in Japan.

But there were a lot of different

business parties involved and I

warned him that by the time

everyone took their cut he

would end up with a very

small amount.

He didn’t want to hear.

He flew to Japan and got


“Then he got a second proposal

to go to Japan and this time

there was only £121,500

on the table.”

“He went and then decided

on the spur of the moment to

attend the birthday party of

the son of Sultan of Brunei.

He spent all the money

from Japan staying in a

big expensive hotel.”

Grace revealed how,

shortly before his death,

Jackson was forced to bed

down in the New Jersey

basement of one of his

former employees.

“We were running

out of friends,” said Grace.

“But we suddenly showed

up at the home of Frank Tyson.

Now Frank’s family isn’t rich.

They have a small house.

But we stayed there for weeks.

I felt so bad.”

Grace also feared the pressure

of his forthcoming London O2

comeback tour had taken

its toll on Jackson.

She believed he was in such

a state that he did not even

REALISE he had signed

up for 50 dates.

The tour had been eagerly

awaited as the King of Pop

had not set foot on stage

since a disastrous appearance

at the World Music Awards

in 2006,

when he managed to sing

only two lines of

We Are The World.

Grace said:

“Fifty performances!

I said,

‘What are you doing?’

He said

‘I signed only for 10’.

He didn’t know what

he was signing.

He never did.”

Give me the money. Michael Jackson family member hunts for cash hours after his death

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