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Michael Jackson’s former nanny Grace Rwaramba claims the Times Online fabricated an interview with her!

Nanny Grace

Michael Jackson’s former
nanny Grace Rwaramba
has slammed a newspaper
for alleging she regularly
pumped the King of Pop’s
stomach after drug binges –
insisting she did not give
the publication an interview,
WENN reports May 1st.

The Times ran a feature over
the weekend claiming to have
an exclusive interview with
Rwaramba, following Jackson’s
death last week.

The publication alleged
Rwaramba told a journalist
about the superstar’s battle
with prescription drugs,
and detailed how she was
forced to intervene when
Jackson supposedly took
too many pills.

Rwaramba was
quoted as saying,

“He always ate too little
and mixed too much
I had to pump his
stomach many times…

He always mixed
so much of it.
There was one period
that it was so bad that
I didn’t let the children
see him.”

She allegedly also opened
up about the star’s financial
issues –
insisting financial woes left
the family living in poverty.

But Rwaramba,
who cared for the
star’s three children,
Prince Michael, 12,
Paris, 11,
and Prince Michael II
‘Blanket’, seven,
was incensed by the report –
insisting she never gave
the alleged interview.

In a statement, she says,
“I am shocked,
hurt and deeply saddened
by recent statements the
press has attributed to me,
in particular,
the outrageous and patently
false claim that I
‘routinely pumped his stomach
after he had ingested a
dangerous combination
of drugs’.
I don’t even know
how to pump a stomach!!”

“In addition,
I have never spoken
to the Times Online,
the original source of
the story that has now
been picked up worldwide.”


“The statements attributed
to me confirm the worst
in human tendencies to
sensationalise tragedy
and smear reputations
for profit.”

And Rwaramba also took
the opportunity to pay
tribute to her former boss.

She adds,
“Michael Jackson was an
exceptional human being.
He was gifted,
deeply compassionate and
brought joy to the lives
of so many.
He loved his family dearly,
and above all,
his beautiful children.
In addition to being my
employer over the past
17 years and entrusting
the care of his beloved
children to me,
he was my dear friend.”

“While our friendship
had challenges,
as do all friendships,
he was loyal to the end.
I cherish and honour
his memory.
I convey my heartfelt
and deepest condolences
to Prince, Paris, Blanket
and the entire Jackson family.”

The pain and sorrow I feel
over the loss of Michael pales
in comparison to what has
been taken from
them forever.”


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