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Did Michael Jackson kill Michael Jackson with his chosen bizarre lifestyle?

Jackson’s manager:
‘Bashir show
killed him’

Michael Jackson’s descent
into deadly drug addiction
was sparked by a TV
documentary in which he
spoke about allowing
children to sleep in his bed,
according to his ex-manager,
WENN reports June 1st.


Dieter Wiesner was with
the superstar on the night
journalist Martin Bashir’s
controversial film
Living With Michael Jackson
was aired in the US in 2003.

He is adamant the show
spelt the beginning of the
end for Jackson –
insisting the singer “died”
when the programme
was broadcast.


Wiesner tells The Sun,
“It broke him.
It killed him.
He took a long time to die,
but it started that night.”

“Previously the drugs
were a crutch,
but after that they
became a necessity.
They got him through his
days and insomnia-riddled

“And the people who gave
them knew what they
were doing.
They should never
have been around him.”


“He knew I didn’t
approve of the painkillers.
It wasn’t about easing the
pain of plastic surgery –
we’re talking drug addiction.”
He tempered it
when I was there,
but I knew when I wasn’t,
the predators would give
him what he wanted,
fearing they’d lose their
jobs if they didn’t.”

who managed Jackson
from 1996 to 2003,
recalls the Thriller singer
was once so doped up on
prescription medication
he could not even lift a
fork to feed himself.

And he witnessed
heartbreaking moments
when the star was so
distraught he broke
down in tears.

Wiesner adds,
“One day he sat down
and just started to cry.”

He had $500 million in
the bank and sold the
biggest album of all time –
I told him he had
everything to live for.”

He said,
‘That’s easy for you to say’.
There was an inner
melancholy to him.”

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    always successful

  2. THANK YOU for the kind words
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  3. Medical Jackson – Dance Of Death…

    The death, loss, pain and devastation that we witness in the society today is know to all.

    The “King of Pop” proved it correct by popping a lot of pills in his life time and more than him his Doctors were really responsible to give him a li…

  4. Honestly you’re all wrong,
    Mike didn’t die,
    I met him a few months back,
    we’re living together.
    God bless and L.O.V.E. to all…….

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