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Michael Jackson’s shocking state of health revealed after exam!



THE horrifying state

of pop superstar

Michael Jackson

in his final days can

be revealed by

The Sun today,


Nick Parker and

Steve Kennedy

report for

The U.K. Sun

June 29th.

Harrowing leaked autopsy

details show the singer was

a virtual skeleton —

barely eating and with only

pills in his stomach at

the time he died.

His hips,

thighs and shoulders were

riddled with needle wounds —

believed to be the result of

injections of narcotic painkillers,

given three times

a day for years.

And a mass of surgery scars

were thought to be the

legacy of at least 13

cosmetic operations.

Experts found the distressing

evidence of Jacko’s physical

decline while investigating

his startling death in

Los Angeles last week.

The examination

showed the 5ft 10in star —

once famed for his on-stage

athleticism — had:


“severely emaciated” 8st 1oz.

It is understood anorexic

Jackson had been eating

just one meagre meal a day.


Pathologists found his stomach

empty aside from partially-

dissolved pills he took before

the painkiller injection which

stopped his heart.

Samples were sent

for toxicology tests.

LOST virtually all his hair.

The pop pin-up was wearing

a wig when he died and

pathologists said little more

than “peach fuzz”

covered his scalp.

A scarred section of skin

above his left ear was

entirely bald —

apparently the result of a

1984 accident when his hair

caught fire as he filmed

an ad for Pepsi.

SUFFERED several broken

ribs as frantic rescuers pumped

his chest after he collapsed

in cardiac arrest.

Four injection sites were

found above or near to

Jacko’s heart.

All appeared to result

from attempts to pump

adrenaline directly into

the organ in a failed bit

to restart it.


Three of the injections had

penetrated the heart wall —

causing damage —

but a fourth missed and hit one

of the 50-year-old star’s ribs.

The autopsy also found

unexplained BRUISING on

Jackson’s knees and on the

fronts of both shins.

And there were

CUTS on his back,

indicating a recent fall.

The King of Pop’s once

handsome face bore a network

of plastic surgery scars,

while the bridge to his nose

had vanished and its right

side had partially collapsed.

As inquiries into the tragedy

last night focused on the star’s

personal physician

Dr Conrad Murray,

a source close to the Jackson

entourage said:

“Michael’s family and fans

will be horrified when they

realise the appalling state

he was in.

“He was skin and bone,

his hair had fallen out and

had been eating nothing

but pills when he died.

Injection marks all over

his body and the disfigurement

caused by years of plastic

surgery show he’d been in

terminal decline for years.


“His doctors and the

hangers-on stood by as he


Somebody is going

to have to pay.”

Cardiologist Dr Murray

was thought to have given

Jackson the final injection

of painkiller Demerol.

He is facing serious questions

about his resuscitation attempts,

which began when he started

CPR as Jacko lay

unconscious on a bed.

Basic first aid guidance

says patients must be

face-up on a hard surface

before compressions.

Experts yesterday expressed

amazement that a trained

cardiologist could have made

such an error,

potentially wasting

vital minutes.

Additional damage was

believed to have been caused

by oxygen masks and tubing

inserted during resuscitation


But in an ironic twist,

the probe found Jacko

was recovering well

from skin cancer —

with an op to shave cells

from his chest a total success.


A second autopsy demanded

by the Jackson family was

carried out at a secret location

on Saturday after the first

ruled out foul play.

Family friend Rev Jesse

Jackson said the family were

deeply suspicious about what

caused his death.

Dr Murray was hired just 11

days ago by AEG Live —

the firm masterminding

Jacko’s 50-date residency

at London’s O2 Arena,

which was due to start

next month.

Sources claimed the family

were preparing a multi-million-

dollar lawsuit against

the cardiologist.

Detectives were unable to

find the doctor at Jackson’s

home and his car was taken

away for analysis as police

sought him for questioning.

He surfaced late on Friday

and was quizzed over

the weekend.

The Sun told on Saturday

how Jacko had developed

stage fright for the first time

and was terrified of performing

the comeback gigs.

Aides claimed the ailing star

even believed he would be

KILLED if he pulled out on

health grounds.

We also revealed he was

taking a potentially toxic

cocktail of drugs.

Sources last night said

prescriptions for drugs for

patients other than Jacko

were found at his home.

Those patients were

due to be quizzed.



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  1. remember him in the begining not in the end thats when he was the best.

  2. a visual view ( an analytical picture) of his recent state of health would be required

  3. The next time you think, are feel pain it’s nothing like
    what mike was feeling. The spin people are now coming up with after his death is a clear example of why this super star is and
    always will be Mr. Michael Jackson / King Tut (the king of kings).
    may he forgive us and rest in peace forever.

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