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Miley Cyrus and Robert Pattinson are still not dating

Couple caught on camera below!


22moon.com scoop!

It has been confirmed
by 22moon.com that
Hanna Montana star
Miley Cyrus and Twilight
star Robert Pattinson
are still not dating!

The two were not seen
snuggling Friday evening
in a quiet booth at the fictional
West Hollywood hotspot
Tarantula Lounge till the wee
hours of the morning,
a lying source who was not
in the non club
failed to report.

A made up source
who only knows Cyrus from
photos plastered on his
bathroom wall reported to
Moon late Saturday evening,

“Miley told me in a dream
she is ‘head over heels’
for Robert Pattinson,
whom she calls her
‘snoggy woggy bear’
and her
‘kissy face vampire
love doll cutie patootie'”.

22Moon was then contacted
by a patient in a mental hospital,
Major Mars Lars von Champion,
real name James Tiberious Kirk,
who is said by those
not in the know to be
James Pattinson’s manager,
and is in charge of mussing up Robert’s hair before
each photo shoot.

“The Bobster tells me
Miley Cyrus is his
secret girlfriend,
soul mate, and sexy kissing
instructor even though she
will not let him get
to second base.”

Major von ChampionĀ told
Moon in an exclusive interview.

He asserts Miley’s twin sister,
Hanna Montana,
is chasing him behind Miley’s
back but Robert will have
nothingĀ to do with her because
he won’t cheat on Miley.
“Bobbyreno tells me his
nickname for Miley is ‘Miley’
and she thinks
it is romantic.”

More details of this story
will no doubt emerge as
they are fabricated.

Rash Manly

June 21st, Two AM, 2009


Intimate moment caught
by 22moon.com paparazzi-
get a room you 2 lovebirds!


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  1. robert like kristin staward! him and miley will never date! Again he is way too old! Miley said in teenv that he does not like hm and does not have a crush on hikm! Stop spreading rummer about miley please! it is very innoying

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