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Acid Attacks; Evil Unspeakable!





May 26th, 2009



is one of the most

alarming and horrific

forms of violence

especially targeted

at women…

it has a devastating

effect on the victims.

It inflicts lifelong

suffering on them.

Even a small

amount of acid –

sulphuric or nitric –

melts the skin tissues,

often with the bones

underneath exposed

or dissolved.

Other effects include

permanent disfigurement,

scars on the face and body

and narrowing of

the person’s nostrils,

eyelids and ears.

In most cases,

vital organs of

the survivors,

especially the eyes,

are permanently damaged.

It has a catastrophic

impact on the lives of

the victims psychologically,

socially and financially.”—

Shadnaz Khan


This is the part of terrorism

we’ve not heard much about,

perhaps because it’s happening

almost exclusively to women.

There are women being

terrorized in places like

Bangladesh, Pakistan,

Afghanistan, Mumbai,

and Cambodia.

And because women are

disregarded and minimized

in these areas of the world,

the perpetrators

(mostly husbands

and boyfriends)

rarely get convicted of

these heinous crimes.


When we hear the word

“Terrorism” we may think

about suicide missions,

mustard gas,

oil fields blowing up,

and hotel bombings,

but men have found another

way to pass on their control

and power…

and this unspeakable,

uncontrolled practice is called:

“Acid Attacks, “

which is becoming a common

practice in these

areas of the world.

Acid attacks on women

and girls are on the rise

in Bangladesh.

Sulfuric acid, cheap and

easily accessible like kerosene,

has emerged as a weapon

used to disfigure and

sometimes kill women

and girls.


Reported reasons for the

acid-throwing attacks include

the refusal of an offer

of marriage,

dowry disputes,

domestic fights,

and disputes over property.

Acid attacks leave the victims

scarred and often blinded.


too expensive for most victims,

is an excruciatingly

painful experience.


The “acid throwing hate mongers”

believe that by flinging acid on

a woman’s face to leave her

hideously deformed will make her

cover her face,

make her quit school,

make her bow down

to his demands,

make her lose whatever

power she may possess.

They assume that she will

shrivel up and

die in nothingness.

But women are not shriveling up,

not dying,

and there voices are

crying out for justice.


This month in Afghanistan,

men on motorcycles threw

acid on a group of girls who

dared to attend school.

One of the girls,

a 17-year-old named Shamsia,

told reporters from

her hospital bed:

“I will go to my school

even if they kill me.

My message for the enemies

is that if they do this 100 times,

I am still going to

continue my studies.”


Are you mad as hell?

If so,

this is what you can do:

***Your urgent action is

needed to bring wider attention

to this horrific form of gender

violence and to urge the

government of Bangladesh to

take all necessary steps to

eliminate this crime against

women and girls.

Please write to the

following authorities to

demand stronger and more

effective legislation to

punish perpetrators and to

institute more comprehensive

social services to assist the

victims of acid attacks.



Mmes. Sheikh Hasina,

Honorable Prime Minister,

Prime Minister Secretariat,

Old Shangshad Bhaban,

Tejgoan, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Fax: 880-2-811-490

Dr. Selma Khan,

Chair, UN Committee on

the Elimination of All Forms

of Discrimination Against


c/o Mr. Director General

(United Nations),

Ministry of Foreign Affairs,

Segun Bagicha,

Dhaka 1000,


Fax: 880-2-956-2188


Mr. Abdul Matin Khasru,

Minister for Law,

Justice & Parliamentary Affairs,

Ministry of Law,

Justice & Parliament,

Bangladesh Secretariat,



Fax: 880-2-868-557

Mr. Rafiqul Islam (B.U.),

Home Minister,

Home Ministry,

Bangladesh Secretariat,



Fax: 880-2-869-667


Haseena Hussain holds microphone, wearing dark glasses and covered by shawl

4 Responses to “Acid Attacks; Evil Unspeakable!”

  1. these kind of violence
    we have already witnessed
    in the past or still witnessing
    or it would continue in
    the future as well.

    Because every next morning
    govt announced various penalties
    for the people who attempt
    this non-sense acts,
    womens reported but the cases
    take long long times,
    go in pending or even no
    single case resolved through
    courts or jirgas.

    so why they are wasting
    their times in “making” laws
    because no implementation
    has been witnessed in the
    previous years or till date.

    According to me when we talk
    about equality in gender in all
    walks of life, women “itself”
    set some laws across the world
    because its not the problem of
    one community or a specific country

    where these crimes are
    witnessing against women.

    where equality is concern,
    so if a man is throwing
    acid on a woman,
    in responding manner women
    should throw acid on a man
    at the same spot.

    you will never heard this thing
    before of doing such activity,

    this one act of women may stop
    these violence or next time no man
    have “Himmat” or jigra to attempt
    this act again women.

    This is the final solution i guess.

  2. Thank you for what you are
    doing to stop this horrible violence.

    My heart is crushed.

    I did not know of this problem.
    I never read or heard about it in America.

    These people did not even do anything wrong.
    I will try to see what I can do to help.

    • Thank You for
      the kind words Matt,
      I did not know about
      acid attacks either until
      a few years ago I read about
      it on a Russian website –
      the United States media does
      not seem too interested in
      this important subject.

      All I know to do right now
      is just spread the word about
      this evil,
      it upsets me so much!

      Thank You for your comments Matt
      and Thank You for reading 22MOON!


  3. Hilfe für diese Frauen wird wirklich dringend benötigt!!!!!!!!!!

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