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Lindsay Lohan sexy suspect!



are set to quiz


over a theft of

£250,000 of

jewellery she


in a fashion shoot,

Mike Sullivan

reports for

The U.K. Sun

June 15th.

A diamond necklace

and earrings worn by the

actress, 22,

vanished after the mag

shoot at London’s

Big Sky Studios.

Cops were called when

staff at Elle realised they

had gone two days later.


A dozen staff present at

the studio could also face


Bosses at Dior,

who made the jewellery

especially for the Li-Lo


are said to be livid.

They loaned the gems for

the shoot in Islington,

North London, on Saturday

6 June.

Bisexual Lohan —

said to be back with


lesbian lover


flew back to her

Los Angeles

home shortly after.


Staff at glossy mag Elle

contacted cops the

following Monday.

A Met Police

spokeswoman said:

“There have been no

arrests at this stage.

We will speak to a

number of people in

connection with the inquiry.

A source added:

“Jewellery is often loaned

out for big celebrities

to wear on fashion shoots.

Police are working out

who had them when

they went missing.

People at Dior

are very upset.

It’s an embarrassment

to the mag.”


American Lindsay has

had a series of brushes

with the law in the past.

In May 2007

she was arrested after

cocaine was found in her

smashed car and went

into rehab for 45 days.

But in July that year

she was again caught

with coke.

She served one day in

prison and was on

probation for three years.

The ex-alcoholic also

crashed her car three

times between 2004-06

but was not charge.


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