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Rhonda Stewart murders her husband Sammy Lee Stewart in CAMC hospital in West Virginia!




Woman Gave Doctor 

Weapon After Fatal 

CAMC Hospital Shooting, 

Police Say


June 13th, 2009





A man was killed after 

police say his estranged 

wife walked in to the ICU 

at   CAMC Memorial Hospital 

and shot him.


It happened just before 

2 p.m. on the third floor 

of the Charleston Area 

Medical Center’s Kanawha 

City health facility.



Charleston Police say 

53-year-old Rhonda Stewart

walked in and used a 

handgun to shoot 56-year-old

Sammy Lee Stewart 

in the head. 


He died a short time later. 


According to police, 

Sammy Stewart was a 

patient at the hospital

in the ICU and was soon 

going to be transferred 

to a regular room.


According to the 

criminal complaint, 

the couple had been 

estranged for three years.


But on Saturday when 

Rhonda went to visit Sammy,

some sort of argument broke

out and Rhonda was 

asked to leave.


           CAMC Kanawha City WV




A short time later, 

she went back to the hospital

and shot him in the head 

with a pistol, 

the complaint states. 



she walked out of the 

room and handed the 

pistol to a doctor.


Rhonda Stewart stayed 

at the hospital after the 

shooting and was arrested 

a short time later. 



She’s been charged 

with first degree murder. 


According to police, 

Rhonda admitted 

to the shooting.


The two lived in the Elkview 

area of Kanawha County.


No one else was 

hurt in the incident.





Sign on CAMC hospital front door





   22MOON headquarters is 15 miles from CAMC





7 Responses to “Rhonda Stewart murders her husband Sammy Lee Stewart in CAMC hospital in West Virginia!”

  1. We were friends with both Rhonda and Sammy. They were wonderful people , awesome Grandparents and would of did anything for someone in need. No matter what happend that day , everyone looses. They loved their daughters and their Grand Children. Please pray for everyone involved.

  2. i knew them both he would have done anything for anyone.. this was hard to believe and cant imagine what the girls are going through with this.. good luck to all. sam you will be greatly missed.

  3. I knew them both also. I think he pushed Rhonda over the limit. Sammy was a mentally cruel person. My heart goes out to Rhonda and her family.

    • I know for a fact Sam
      was a great man and was
      not mentally cruel!!

      He was very loved and very happy.

      When she decided who lived or died,
      she was no kind of victum,
      she was a murderer.

      She killed a man that could not lift his arms,
      or defend himself in anyway,
      shape, or form.

      Rhonda is a coward without a heart or conscience!

      There were more people hurt
      in this cruel act than you know.

      Sam was a very happy and great
      man until the day he died.KILLER!!!!

      He loved his family,
      he was a great father and
      loved his kids with all his heart.

      I don’t know how she can live
      with herself after what she did.

      I am suffering and spending a
      life sentence too with heart ache.

      We all loved him very much
      and still do and we all miss him
      very dearly!

    • You’re such a filthy liar. My family loved him and were very close. Hope you burn in hell for your filthy lies.

  4. Sam was a very good person,I worked for Sam he loved his family never said a bad thing about anyone.R I P Sammy.

  5. RIP Sammy, Glade I got to know you.

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