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Sex Slavery Scandal!

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Arrests may be

linked to

human trafficking

By Rick Rogers

Union-Tribune staff writer

June 7th, 2009


The arrests of 24 people in 

Vista last week during a 

prostitution sweep dubbed 

“Operation Rush Hour” highlight

a crackdown on the sex trade 

by city officials and the 

Sheriff’s Department.

Authorities said it could be a 

case of human trafficking 

because most of the people 

arrested are female 

Chinese nationals.


“The human-trafficking element 

is a major concern of ours and 

with our federal 

law-enforcement partners. 

That issue continues 

to be investigated,” 

said sheriff’s Capt. Tim Curran.

The suspects were arrested 

Wednesday at nine day spas 

and acupuncture centers as 

part of a months-long 

undercover operation. 


They were all 

released within a day, 

pending court action.

Federal authorities are 

examining how they entered

the United States and 

settled in Vista.

Twenty-two women and two 

men were arrested in the sting.

Some of them seem to be 

in this country illegally, 

Curran said.

Six of the individuals have 

been charged with prostitution.

The rest are facing charges 

ranging from illegal touching 

to violations of various municipal

codes that deal with public health,

fire and safety concerns.


Curran said some of the 

women lived at their 

workplaces in 

“conditions that were horrid.”

The following businesses were

shut down during the raid: 

Touch of Asian Day Spa, 

Seren Acu-Care, 

Melrose Spa, 

Vista Town Spa, 

Bright Acupuncture, 

JW Acupuncture, 

Li Jun Acupuncture I, 

Li Jun Acupuncture II 

and Vista Health Center.

In February, 

Vista officials said they had 

become aware of a burgeoning

number of business licenses 

being sought for day spas 

and acupuncture centers. 


The city then notified the 

Sheriff’s Department, 

which began an investigation

and found businesses that 

appeared to be fronts 

for prostitution.

“I think we severely impacted

prostitution as practiced in 

public places in Vista,” 

Curran said. 

“There will probably 

be more arrests.”

Before last week’s sweep, 

the Sheriff’s Department had

arrested 11 adults and one 

juvenile on suspicion of 

prostitution since 2006.




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